Sunday, August 26, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT: Follower of the Month! *UPDATED*

Hey Guys! I just want to make some changes on the Follower of the Month thing. I had to make some changes to make it fair to everyone. Last week, a reader contacted me to kind of suggest that I should say the prize every start of the month because it seems unfair. Sorry, if that was how it looked. But believe me, I didn't mean that. I do understand though. I think it really seems unfair so I changed some rules and yeah, I will show you guys the gift for next month. 

Instead of starting this month, I will just make it August - September Follower of the Month.

I will be starting next month. BUT I will still count those comments made from this month.

To qualify, you must...
For those who live outside the country, sorry. BUT make sure to stay tuned. I  MIGHT have something for you guys on the upcoming months. YOU CAN STILL TALK TO ME! :) 

The Follower of the Month of course should be an active member/ follower.
Not only does she/he reads my posts and comments, but also talks to me on FB and/or Twitter. If you have any questions. suggestions, reactions or anything on my posts, feel free to talk to me.  Comments from my past posts and present [ and future. :D ], are counted. BUT please post RELEVANT stuffs only. I accept criticisms, but not hate.

I will base the winner via the TOP COMMENTER counter on the left side of the screen. 
<< ----
credits to Zen Zest's website.
The FOM for the month of August - September will receive 4 Eau de Cologne from Zen Zest. This is not sponsored, by the way. 

I personally love their colognes. I have two from this line, the BLUSH and SEDUCE one. I am obsessed with my SEDUCE scent. This is actually my 3rd bottle since last year. I love it! My cousins also own Desire and Flirt. And all of them smell so good. That's why I chose to give this as a gift. :)

I will announce the FOM's name on October 1, 2012. 
I will announce it every 1st of every month. 
And then I will show the gift for the next month, on the next day. 
 [ Basically every 2nd of every month. ]

If any of you have questions. Please feel free to ask me. 
I know I am a bit hard to understand. LOL Especially this post. 
So, just comment below for any clarifications. :)


  1. I'm interested to try out Blush too!

  2. nacucurious nko tuloy talaga sa Blush na scent sis, ksi si Ms. Say tioco artillero yan din ang isa sa fave scents nya...:)

  3. it smelss mabait e. hehehe.

  4. i like blush but I LOOVE seduce better. hehe. :)

  5. flowery ba sis or more on the fruity scent ang blush sis? :)

  6. parang mejo flowery sya.. pero basta.. it smells mabait talaga, hehe.

  7. Got excited to see this! :) Magbabackread pa ako. I have a lot of reading to do! :)

  8. hehe! enjoy backreading! hehehe. :)



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