Friday, August 24, 2012

Random : Mini Makeover.

Hi! Happy Saturday! I am still a little bit sick. But I just want to share with you guys a mini makeover I did to my sister. :)

She's my younger sister and she is currently a Grade 7 student.
She don't CANNOT use any makeup yet. So, every time I am bored, I play with her. :D

For the eyes. 
I used my NYX JEP in Milk as a base and then my Fashion 21 Color Set.
I line her eyes with my Nichido Kohl Pencil in Onyx. and used the mascara I got from Taiwan.

For the eye brows.
She still has this "young virgin" brows. So, I just created a imaginary shape for it using my In2it Eyebrow Color. And again, my NYX JEP in Milk for a little bit of highlight on her brow bone area.

No mascara yet.
Her lashes is naturally thick and long, better than mine. BOO! 

 I only used a gold color and some browns. I went for the neutral look cause I don't want to overwhelm her or whatever. She said she wanted a "NUDE" look. :)

For the Face. 
I used the 4U2 BB Cream and set it with the 4U2 BB Powder
I used Avon True Color blush in Rose Lustre for the cheeks. And contoured her face and nose a little bit with my ELF Bronzer

And for her lips, I used a mauve-ish brown lip pencil from Ever Bilena. 
[ I don't know what shade. ]
And used NYX RLS in Hermes. 

So, that's the final look. :) 
I liked it and she did also. I am not really good in applying makeup on other people. Especially when it comes to eye makeup. But practice makes perfect, right?! :)

That's it! I hope you guys enjoyed this even if it's just a random short post. :)
I still have a few things to review. So, stay tuned for all those.
Happy Long Weekend!

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  1. I love using my sister too as my model. Here are some on my works din.

  2. hahaha... a lot of people say taht we look exactly the same. :D hehehe

  3. hahaha yeah.. wala kasing palag e.. sya or my younger cousins. :D toy ko sila lage hehehe

  4. I agree with what micmic said! She's a mini version of you! Sobra! I thought it was a younger version of you nung lumabas sa feed ko! Hehehe! She looks really young! Parang mga 8 years old pa lang sya :)

  5. hehehe. yeah..we get that a lot. :P 12 na yan.isip bata yeah! hehehe.

  6. ang cute ni little sis! :) Kainggit ang lashes ha... :) ganyan din mga sis ko ang kapal and ang haba ng lashes, ako lng hindi... huhu

  7. hehe yeah.. mine naman is okay din. mahaba but not that thick.. hehe. :)

  8. Your sister is super cute!

  9. haha..thank you!

  10. Backreading mode, hehe. Cute ng sister mo, bet ko 3rd pic, mukhang princess <3 sa 4th pic, super hawig kayo!

  11. haha. backreading mode. :P arte arte nyan! hehehe.. yeah we really get that a lot. i expected it na. hehe

  12. You look a like so much! I hope I have such skill in make-up as yours! Your sister looks so cute!

  13. hehe.. yeah! we get that ALL the time! :) aww. hehe i am not that good though :P



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