Saturday, August 18, 2012

Oh Carmex!

Happy Saturday! I feel so giddy waking up today cause today is actually the start of a four day "vacation." Long weekend indeed! :) Anyways, I just want to share with you guys what made me happier today. A Carmex Jar! I know, I know! But I have bee wanting to have a Carmex i this cute little jar for awhile now. I bought my first Carmex last June, and I am completely obsessed with it! It is my HG lip balm. [ If you wanna see my review. Click HERE. ]

Today my mom went to Landmark Makati to do some grocery shopping. So, I asked her to buy me a Carmex lip balm. And I am super happy she did!  LOL

It cost Php 109.75. 
Bought at Landmark Makati. 
Check Carmex Philippines on facebook for more infos. 

You can see all the infos at the back of the packaging.

" The unique formula of Carmex lip balm helps to soothe, moisturize, and relieve dry, chapped lips caused by evironmental factors - resulting i soft healthy looking lips. "

  • Camphor alleviates pain
  • Menthol kills germs and relieves discomfort
  • Phenol gently numbs your sore lips and removes old, dead skin


beeswax, cetyl esters, flavor, fragrance, lanolin, paraffin, petrolatum, salicylic acid and theobroma cacao(cocoa) seed butter


I won't give you guys an in depth review right now cause I haven't tried this one yet.
But its Carmex, I know that it won't let me down. :) 

I have always wanted to try this one in the cute jar after purchasing the one that comes in a tube. And now that I already have it. I want to try their "Strawberry Flavored" one next. :)

If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out a lot!
I am not sponsored or paid for this post, I just loooove LOVE the product so much. 
It's really my Holy Grail lip balm! ♥

 Have you guys tried Carmex already?! How was your experience?!
Let's chat! Comment below!

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  1. Ohhh Carmex! :) Havent tried this balm type yet but I have tried the one in a tube. Really soothing! Let me know how this balm feels like ayt? :) hehe

  2. yes! thats my fave! i wil definitely do a comparison of the two. :)

  3. I love Carmex! It works really well.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  4. oooh I love it too! hehe :)

    thanks so much for droppin by my blog.

  5. Haven't tried this yet. My fave's the EOS lip balm. So far I haven't finished a whole tube of lip balm so I don't really buy lip balms often (except na lang kung mukha talagang maganda). Good to know Carmex works well for you :)

  6. Oh. I used to use EOS as well. It is okay. It smells so yummy dba?! hehe I have the honeysuckle one. But carmex works better. And I am obsessed with it talaga. :)

  7. Love that stuff! I carry it in my purse at all times :)

  8. ooh me too! i love it so much! hehe. i have it in my purse, and on my makeup table. :D

    thanks for dropping by my blog. :)



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