Tuesday, July 3, 2012

REVIEW: Caress Nail Polish

There was a time in my life that I thought I need to have TONS of nail polishes. 
When I started buying a few, I just can't help but buy more! I am not a fan of expensive brands but I have tons of the drugstore ones. I had Caronia, Bobbi and San San brands on my nail polish stash. It was crazy cause I didn't care if they dry up super quickly, or even if the quality isn't good. I used to change my nails every 3 days. And it made my nails super ugly! 

BUT thank God, I got over that phase already. I don't even paint my nails on a regular basis anymore. I just do it once in a while, or whenever I feel like doing them. 

Last Sunday night, I was bored ad I can't sleep so I have decided to give myself a mine manicure. :) I cleaned my nails and looked for a nail polish. ( BTW I oly have 4 nail polishes now! hehe ) 

So, I wanted to use the gray one from Caress. Its in the shade of Gray Stone. 
I got it a few months ago at The Landmark for only Php 22.00. I believe you can also find this brand on Watsons or any SM Dept. Store. 

This is my first time using this nail polish. So I really didn't know the consistency of it. 

Before I put on a nail polish on my nails. I always use the Caronia Nail Hardener and Base Coat first. So, I did that. And then I applied the first coat. 

It was too watery! Its too opaque! I can't even see the color of the nail polish, which is bad! But I thought to myself, maybe I need to apply another coat. 

So, after the 2nd coat. Im still not satisfied. I applied another coat and its starting to form little bubbles. And I can feel that it is too much product already. It feels thick and I don't like that. 

And as you can see, after 3 coats the color is still not that visible. 
You can even see my nails on some areas. I don't like that the consistency is too liquid-y. 
And it doesn't give enough color to my nails. 

After that I put on a coat of my Chic colorless nail polish, then I put a few drops of the Caronia Kwik Dry on each nails. 

I didn't like it so a few minutes later I have decided to just remove it. 
Overall, I don't like the product. But I remember having some Caress nail polishes before that isn't this bad. I guess, it depends on the color or whatever. 

So yeah, that's my unplanned review. hehe. 
Do you guys experienced this thing with any other nail polishes too? Comment down below! ♥

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  1. A little tip dear, don't apply nail polish in front of a fan kasi mas nagfoform ng bubbles. Plus, if it gets thick, recap then shake. I like the shade though. I love gray nail polishes. :)

    1. thanks for that ate. but i wasn't infront of the fan nun agapply ako nyan... i like gray also! im not a fan of bright colors.. pag summer lang. :D hehe

  2. Replies
    1. thanks! :) and yes, it is! i like the color but the consistency of the nail polish isn't so good. sayang!

  3. Caress nail polishes are usually if not always, watery consistency. What I love about Caress is their wide variety of colors. Ang daming pagpipilian. What you can do with not very pigmented polishes is use a white base coat so that the color would pop out easily. Parang make-up lang din :)

    If you are looking for a gray nail polish, you can try the one from San-san. It's really nice!

  4. yes..almost all of their polishes are watery.. yeah1 cute colors! and i have tried san san already! and i like them better. but now di na ko manail polish tlga. hehe.

  5. I still haven't tried using caress nail polishes. Though I could recommend something I have just bought recently. I was super impressed by these BK nail polishes that I bought from an online store, the colors are really opaque and it has this sweet smell that I particularly like.:) Try this brand sis I think you will like it. :)

  6. oooh. its my first time to hear that brand... really?! nagsstay yun smell!? i want to try yun sa revlon. hehe but super di kasi ko mahilig sa nail polishes kaya di na ko msyado nabili. hehe

  7. Nagstay ung smell after ko iapply siguro mga 2 days then nag fade din... :) Now I will try ung matte polishes nila. Ako din dati hindi masyado mahilig ng nail polishes, ngaun lang ako medyo nageexplore... hehe :) I want to try doing nail art din sana pero bawal sa amin ung masyado makulay lalo na pag nagduduty... hehe

  8. oooh. hehe thats so cool.. wala.. im super lazy na ayusin nails ko hehe.. there was this time na super addicted ako sa nailpolish.. every week ako nagpapamani and pedi tpos ang dami ko pang hinohoard na polishe.s hehe hanggang sa natuyo nlng lahat. :P

  9. Sis share ko lang, hehehe, may bago akong nakita, scented polishes baka magustuhan mo sa chedelyn's cosmetics sa fb... type ko bumili... :) hahaha nako ako ngaun ay nasa phase na addict sa polish... :p everyweek palit ako ng palit, pero gumagamit ako ng thicke up by sally hansen para hindi masira ang nails ko, ung iba kasi naninilaw pag palagi nagpapamani at pedi.. :)

  10. ooooh.. hehe im not really into polishes ngayon eh .but thanks for sharing! :)



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