Monday, July 2, 2012

REVIEW: Loreal Voluminous Mascara

I used to not care on putting on a mascara. When I was just starting, I thought that its a waste of money and its really not necessary. I thought that I don't really need a mascara on my kit. 

My first ever mascara is the Bobbi Brown mascara that my aunt from Taiwan gave me. I loved it! It was a great mascara. It lengthens my lashes and it just made my eyes look amazing. And from then on I realized how it affects my eye's appearance. I realized that it makes a big difference. 

After I finished the tube, I was searching for a not so expensive mascara that will still satisfy my need. My lashes isn't that short, I am pretty satisfied with the length of it. I am pretty blessed on that. :) 

Here is a photo of my lashes without any mascara. 

I bought the Magnum Volum Express mascara from Maybelline. And it didn't satisfy me. So for awhile, I stopped bothering searching for a mascara. But to not waste my money on it, I used the mascara just for the sake of it. 

And then a few months ago I heard how Judy of ItsJudyTIme raved about it. I wanted to get the same mascara but I told myself that I should finish up my mascara first. So I didn't bother searching. 

Last May, when I went to the Superb Bazaar, I went to Chedelyn's Cosmetics booth to buy some products. I bought the Revlon Colorstay and some other things. When I'm about to pay, I saw the mascara that Judy was talking about. Then and there, I knew that I have to get it! So, I did.

Here's what it looks like. 

I think the packaging looks super sleek. Gold with some cute angles! :) I love it! 
It isn't cheap looking at all! 
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  [ 5 hearts to that! ]

The applicator isn't too special. But I noticed that it is thinner and longer than the Maybelline mascara. It is skinny enough to reach the inner corner of my lashes. 
And it doesn't look complicated so I like it about that. :) 
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ [ 5 hearts! ] 

The consistency is a bit dry. I don't know if its really the normal consistency of it but its still working, so no problem with that. I like that it isn't messy to apply. 1-2 coats is enough to give your lashes the UMPH that you're looking for! 
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  [ 5 heartssss! ]

So here's what my lashes look like with this mascara on. 

Isn't it gorgeous?! :) 
This product claims to give your lashes the volume that falsies can give. 
And I agree! I really don't wear falsies cause first, I don't know how. And second because I think its TOO much. 
So this mascara is a good alternative to falsies. :) 

I really love it. I love how it lengthens and volumizes my lashes. 
It doesn't clump nor smudge. 
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

I will definitely repurchase this! And yes, I recommend it to everyone! 
All girls who lovesss mascaras and who wants longer lashes, this is a must have! :) 

And I am not sure if its available locally. But you can buy it from online shops. 
I bought mine for 350 pesos from Chedelyn's Cosmetics on facebook. 
Pretty cheap huh?!  ♥ 
I was blown away by how amazing this product is! For now, this baby is my HG mascara! 

Have you guys tried this already? What's your experience with it? 
Share it down below! ♥ 


  1. Wow! It really gave volume to your lashes! Ang haba ng lashes mo even without mascara. I have short and thin eyelashes. Kainggit!

  2. yes! hehe and thanks.. im pretty blesses! :)

  3. Ndi ka ba nagkakaspider lashes dito sa mascara na to sis? un kasi napapansin ko pag waterproof ung mascara... Have you tried ung grow luscious na mascara? pinopromote ksi ni Say, humaba daw lashes nya... hehe gusto ko din itry... :)

  4. Blessed ka sa eyelashes! <3 Try mo din Maybelline Cat's Eye Mascara :)

  5. oo you mean nagcclump?! pag madaming layer na nagcclump sya.. oooh np i havent yet. :)

  6. thank you! :) ooh I want to try yun Falsies ng maybleiine but di pa soon kasi meron pa kong 2 dito.. sayang pag bumili pa ko. hehe. try ko din yan!

  7. Iba kasi yung wand ng Cat's Eye. I like it kasi hindi nagdididkit dikit yung lashes ko. Manipis lang kasi pilikmata ko. Falsies ba volumizing?

  8. oooh.. I will try to look into that also. Thanks for your suggestion! :) I think so! Super sikat sya ngayon sa youtube and blogging world e. I have heard tons of good reviews about it eh :)

  9. That's the one with the violet packaging diba? Yung mga natry ko kasing volumizing mascara, nagcclump sa eyelashes. And since I tried Cat's Eye, feel ko na magstick, takot masayang pera. HAHA! :) Madedefine super eyelashes mo. Salestalk? :D

  10. yeah.. :) I want to try it talaga. hehe kasi volumizing din habol ko e. :P hahaha. I will try that pag may budget.. hahaha. :P

  11. When you use cat's eye, mas madedefine lashes mo lalo na pag nakacurl. But I don't think kelangan mo pa nun. :))

  12. oooh.. i want to try that also though. :P hehe yeah.. :)



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