Monday, August 27, 2012

Random: Our Wensha Spa Experience.

Hi! I have been a bit busy these past few days. But today, I was busy...relaxing! :) We made the best out of this holiday and chose to relax and pamper ourselves a bit. 

I have been meaning to spend a whole day just relaxing for a long time now. I have been wanting to go to a SPA session but the budget won't allow me. But today my dad gave me and my mom some extra budget to relax. :) So, we went to one of the most famous spa here in the Metro. The Wensha Spa Center. 

" Wensha Spa is the most large spa company in Philippines, the best services of leisure places. Let you and your family every day can very easily leisure service center. "
--- Wensha Spa

We went to their Pasay Branch located at the old Boom na Boom lot, across World Trade Center
We arrived their at 10:30 am and went out at 4 pm.
Paid Php 780.00 for a whole body massage inclusive of unlimited use of SAUNA, JACUZZI and EAT ALL YOU CAN BUFFET and SHABU SHABU. You can stay there for a max. of 8 hours. They are open 24/7.

I will share with you how it went and the review after. :)

Once you enter the spa center, there's a reception area in front. 
You have to pay the bill before you can enter. At the left side area, there's the BOYS section. And at the right side is the area for the GIRLS. 

They will give you this bracelet that will serve as your key to the locker assigned to you.

And then before you enter, you will need to surrender your shoes and change to a pair of slippers like this one. I chose yellow, for obvious reasons. :D 

Then once you enter the locker room, there's a girl who will hand you a robe with a pair of shorts and a towel. 

If you are not open minded, you might be surprise on what you will see. 
You can only change or take your clothes off, inside the locker room. If you are going to use the sauna and jacuzzi, you will have to remove EVERYTHING. As in ALL OUT!! 
OH yeah! You heard it right! hehe. 

You're not allowed to the robe to the jacuzzi/sauna area. You can wear a towel but not in the jacuzzi. You have to be totally naked! 

When we got there, there's like 2 or 3 other girls in the jacuzzi. So, we just went ahead and go in while it isn't crowded yet.  Before that we took a quick shower. It is also located at the jacuzzi area. Don't worry! There are doors, GLASS doors. :D 

After that we tried out the sauna. I personally can't stay inside super long because it is quite hard to breathe inside. And it is really hot!

Then, we changed into our robes and tried out the buffet. 

They also offer Shabu- shabu.

And then we stayed there for a bit after we ate. Then we went to the massage area. 
[ Again, pictures are not allowed. ] 

After an hour of massage, we rested for about 1 and half hour before we went to take a shower and eat again. :) We ate again before we check out. So, we checked out at like 4 pm.

I think I will give it a 3 over 5. When we ate at like 11: 30, the first time we ate. I was really disappointed. The food doesn't taste good. And it looks like it is only a left over from the other night. But the second time, there are better dishes than the first batch. You can't expect too much from it, I guess. There are 7-8 dishes available. Unlimited Ice Cream and Juice. Unlimited Shabu Shabu also. The taste, some tastes BLEGH but some are okay. But it is very clean in the dining area, and it is very cozy. There's also a smoking area so it's good for us, non-smokers.

These places can be a bit crowded. But it is clean, in fairness. The sauna is super hot. The Jacuzzi is hot enough and there's a body wash and shampoo available in all cubicles. I give it 4 over 5 cause I think they can still improve it there. The locker room especially can be very crowded, so maybe they should designate a place where people can actually change clothes. All in all, it is good! 

This is my second time to get a massage. I cannot say it's the best, but it's good! The therapists are friendly. They will ask you on how you like it and all those stuffs. I am awake the whole time but I was so relaxed. It was good! It's a 4 over 5 for me. After the massage, you kinda is obliged to give a tip. They will hand a paper and ask you to sign it and put how much tip you will give once you check out. 

Overall, I love it! For the price it is amazing! Php 780.00 [ roughly $20 ]  for all those, worth it!  I think it is cheap but the service is good. We will definitely go back! 

Will I Recommend?!
YES! DEFINITELY! If you want a time to relax and all those, you should definitely check Wensha out. It is a bit awkward at first, but I think you'll get used to it. We asked the therapists and they said, people of all ages go there. 3-5 years old are the youngest, and the elderly can also go there. :)

For more information, just check WENSHA SPA on Facebook.

So, that's it for now. I will try to still relax and make the most out of this holiday. :) 
How was your long weekend?! Have you ever been to Wensha?! HOW WAS IT?!
Comment belooooow! ♥

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  1. I want to go try Wensha's services soon! Everyone needs to be pampered once in a while. Buti you had this so that you could relax and feel good after the sickness you've been through.

    Try out Ace Water Spa din! It's a great place for relaxation too! <3


  2. you should! i think its really worth it... i agree! every one needs to relax once in awhile. :) nga eh. :)

    we want to..kaya lang medyo malayo samin.

  3. PEro whoa? As in all out? haha ayoko hndi ko carry yun sis! Hehe pero curious ako sa ganyan. Haven't tried any SPA yet. Kahit sa mga massage massage, kasi super malakas kiliti ko. nyahaha But im glad you enjoyed it!

  4. haha yep! ALL OUT! Super shy kami nun una pero you will see na wala namang keber yun mga tao dun. hehe. :D maganda if maaga and wala pang tao msyado. :D yeah i did! :)

  5. i will definitely try this out soon!

  6. I've heard this from a friend but I don't have any idea how is it. I think it's worth a try, maybe I should get a buddy with me when I go there :D I wish the food will taste good when I visit :P

    Followed you too :)

  7. I think it is worth it! And yeah, you should bring someone with you. hehehe. It's more fun if youre not alone. :) haha The food, yeah. I wish they can improve that. The shabu shabu is good! Cause they will give you the water where you can cook it and I think it already has taste on it. It's good! I liked it alot! :)

    thanks! :)

  8. Thank you for the comment and following my blog,Im following your blog on GFC and bloglovin :D looking forward to more of your posts ..

  9. oooh..thank you! :)

  10. Gosh! i can't be naked in front of other people kahit girls pa yun haha. Hiya ako.

  11. hahaha..ako din super nahiya hehe. we went to the jacuzzi nun konti palang tao. when we went in wala pang tao..and then nagkaron ng 3-5 ganun..tapos alis na,. hehe nun madami na as in di na kami bumalik. pero meron wala talagang in sanayan nalang siguro. lakad lakad nakahubad. hehe

  12. Waah! hindi ko kaya ang all out sis! paano ka pumasok sa jacuzzi? sabay sabay kayo madaming tao sa isang tub?

  13. yes! ALL OUT! yeah1 One big tub! :P

    ps. i just saw your comment now. :)

  14. Nice Post for all readers.

  15. Would love to try this soon! Went to other spas and I would like to try something new naman, being naked inside the jacuzzi is one hehehe :P

    Anyway, meron din silang offer sa Metrodeal na kakapost lang oh!



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