Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A [ super ] Mini - Online Haul

I know, I know! It has been forever since the last time I posted here in my blog. I really am sorry for the lack of posts and delayed "giveaway" winner announcements and all that. But I will really make it up to you guys after all these crazy days. :)

Now, I just want to share a mini, as in super mini haul. :D And I bought these babies from Stuff in Style. ♥

Stuff in Style is an online shop that sells makeups, baby stuffs and a lot lot more. They offer products from popular brands in the US. Brands that are not that easy to find here in our country.

They have Aveeno, Baby and Moms stuffs and a lot more products that are not beauty related. They have makeups and beauty products from drugstore to high end brands. Sigma, Urban Decay, MAC, Revlon and a lot lot LOT more. 
And they do sell these in a very reasonable price. :)

So, last Thursday there was this Multiply Frenzy that went on for an hour. 
Multiply Frenzy is basically something like a "SALE." Last Thursday's Multiply Frenzy was for beauty products.  It was 500 pesos off for a minimum of Php 1500.00 from the shops Multiply chose.It was such a steal, right?! 

I planned on getting a Real Techniques brushes and some other random things. But then as I was waiting for the frenzy. I thought why not get these 2 instead. ♥

The package came this morning while I was taking a bath. 
I was really excited to open it up. 

After opening it, this is what I saw. 
It was wrapped neatly and safely inside a plastic with bubble wraps. 
you can also see there a paper that contains Stuff in Style's logo and the brands they offer. 

And these are the things I got. ♥

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush
Php 1050.00
FINALLY! The brush that I have been wanting to try out. :) 
Even just the softness and the density of it made me fell in love with it already. 

MAC Satin Lipstick in Rebel
Php 950.00
 YEY! I gave in and decided to treat myself something from my "to buy" list. 
I LOOOOVE IT! ♥ I wore it already and, I am in love! 

The total amount olf the 2 plus SF was Php 2049.00. But I only paid Php 1549.00 for these 2 awesome babies! :) 500 pesos is a huge thing for me, so it was such a steal!
I am very very happy with these two and also for the smooth transaction I had with the shop. Mindy is super nice! :)
I cannot wait to order more products from Stuff in Style soon. VERY SOON, hopefully! :P

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  1. Sigma F80 is amazing. I love that brush. Enjoy your new goodies :)

  2. I am super excited to try the brush! Super soft and dense noh!?? :)

  3. Great! 2 items to cross out on your wish list! Excited for your review on those items Chel! :)

  4. YEY!! I am super happy! :) I will "rave" este review them after testing them out.

  5. Weee!! Is this your first ever sigma brush sis? :) oooh! I think super bagay syo yung rebel na shade sis, bagay kasi sa lips mo ung bold colors... :)

  6. I love Sigma brushes...are amazing!! very nice dear!

    My blog -> Marie loves heels

  7. yeah first! But definitely not the last. hehehe :P grabe! it makes me want to buy more sigma!!! :P super ganda! hehehe. I wore it today. :P I love it!!

  8. hahaha... excited na ko sa next haul ko. :P charot! :P

  9. wala pa namang date yun next... hahaha agad agad?!?

  10. picture nmn wearing the lipstick ^_^ i know it looks nice on you :))

  11. wow great hauls! I, too have the F80 and I just love using it!! take a FOTD with the rebel on I'm sure it look gorgeous on you ^_~

  12. sure! I will pag may time. :) thanks!

  13. thanks Janet!!! I am inlove ngayon pa lang. :P hehe. I will! As soon as I have time.. THANK YOU! :)

  14. Jan Mitchelle PanuelaOctober 12, 2012 at 12:54 AM

    You are welcome :) Btw, Michelle if you are looking for a cheaper acrylic cosmetic organizers, kindly read my new post. It may help you :) They will sell 3 layer acrylic organizer like yung sa Muji store but in a cheaper price :) And it will be available this month :) God Bless ;)

  15. ellesees.blogspot.comOctober 18, 2012 at 8:04 AM

    you got some great stuff!! i own that kabuki brush...it's good. stop by! i'm following you.

  16. Mini haul nga pero ang sosyal naman, sigma at Mac! Ang bongga mo na sis!

  17. Nice goodies you got there. I don't own any Sigma brushes but based from the comments, I think it does wonders. Haha. Hope to own Sigma brushes soon.

    XX, IamJenniya

  18. thank you! it really is! I am inlove with it! :P

  19. nyeks! no naman! hehe. :P I justg went and took advantage of the frenzy. :P

  20. Thanks! This is the only sigma brush I own at the moment and I am inlove with it. :) It is worth the price, I guess. :)

  21. Nice review. Keep it coming

  22. really a great steal! :) i'm your new follower! hope you could check out my blog and perhaps follow too if you'd like. have a great day ahead! :)




  23. nice haul!


  24. hi! does this product cause you to breakout?

  25. they are expensive in the Philippines. what do you girls like you do for a living that you can afford them?



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