Sunday, September 9, 2012

Top 3 MUST buy.

HEY! How was everyone's Sunday!? Mine was a chill day. Stayed at home the whole day and did nothing. Absolutely not a productive day for me. :) Anyways, I have been busy with a lot of things lately and the 30 Days Blog Challenge that I am currently doing is actually quite a challenge. But I really want to make it up to everyone. So, I will promise to get back on my beauty posts starting tomorrow. For now, I will be sharing with the TOP 3 beauty things that I am really really saving up for. Hopefully, next month I can buy 1 or 2 or all these 3. I have a long list of things. but these 3 are the things I really want to get my hands on since FOREVER!

I will post here the black and white version of the photos. Whenever I already I purchased it, I will replace it with the original photo. :)

1. Sigma Beauty Mr. Bunny Essential Kit & Sigma Kabukit Kit/F80 brush

I am not sure about the Kabuki kit yet, but I want their F80 one. :)
Do I need to explain why?! HAHA I really want to one a brush set that will last me for a long time that's why I really want to invest in this one. 
I am still torn if I should buy it DIRECTLY from them or if I should order through an online shop. I am not sure yet. 

2. Urban Decay NAKED 1 Palette

I am not sure at first if I should buy an expensive palette like this cause we all know that I am not any "eyeshadow" kind of person. BUT for the past few months I have been using eye shadows more often and I also want to invest on something very versatile. 
And I think this NAKED palette is just perfect. :) 

3. MAC Lipsticks

I am a HUGE lipstick girl. I just feel like it completes every look. And of course, a MAC lipstick is a must have! I want tons of shades of lipsticks but I want REBEL and RUBY WOO the most. I want something from NARS, its the "SCARLET EMPRESS" but I will take it one step at a time. hehe. I am very excited to purchase a MAC lippie very soon! :P 

 So those are my TOP 3 must buys, before this year end (HOPEFULY!).
 I will be sharing my other wishes or must buys some other time cause it might take me forever to list it all down. HAHA 
I will update guys if ever I purchase them. Some of you might have these already, LUCK YOU! But I am a student, I need to save up for the things I want. So, until now I don't have any of those yet. Anyways, wish me luck! I hope I can really save up for these babies.
I will buy them as soon as I can. 

What are your wishes/must buys before this year end?! Have you tried any of the things mentioned above?!
HOW WAS IT?! Let's chat!
Comment your thoughts below! ♥


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  1. Bet na bet ko yung Sigma brushes pero super expensive. Lalo na nagsstart pa lang ako matuto magmake-up. :)) Hope you get all of these! :)

  2. Definitely Sigma brushes are a must! I have to get my hands on a ud naked palette though...
    I gave you an award on my blog! Check it out. :)

  3. I want to really invest kasi sa brushes..oo nga super expensive but i really really want to own one. hehe. :) maybe you should check out beauty cosmetics brushes, i have heard a lot of good things about it also. :)

  4. yes! it is a bit expensive thought..especially if i will order it directly from them, the shipping and all. plus our customs here also charge you some crazy amount of money for you to be able to get your stuff.. ooh naked is a must, i think! :) awww... thanks kassica! I appreciate it! :) THANK YOU! ♥

  5. You wont go wrong with Rebel and Ruby Woo! I say go for them :)

    The Misty Mom

  6. loving the lippies! hihi :))

    anyway, Please join my post-birthday giveaway if you haven't yet dear. I hope you'll be one of my three winners! hihi =))

  7. The sigma brushes are amazing and are an awesome investment that will definitely last a while! I have a discount code on my blog if you want it:) And the naked palette is amazing, it was my first expensive palette purchase and I use it almost everyday !

  8. yey! I will! I am really excited to try them out! :) I saw you wearing rebel on your blog and it looks good on you! I hope it will match me too. hehe I have a darker skintone obviously. :P

  9. thanks! :D

    oooh. i will definitely check that out! do not forget to join mine too :P

  10. Oh. I still have to save up a little for that. hehe. thanks though! :) and yes, i think the naked palette is definitely a must buy! very versatile palette. :)

  11. I agree on the sigma brushes!!:) I'm saving up for that because almost all gurus use and recommend it:)

  12. I want to have Sigma brushes too! But it's expensive. :( Anyway sis, I've nominated you pala in the Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out here:

  13. yes! I really want to have it. I think it is a really good investment.

  14. Oo nga, paisa-isa bumibili ako ng Marionnaud. Some of them are good. Yung iba ko, Elf. Pag magaling na ako, I'll be eyeing Sigma na din. =))

  15. hehe me too! but i really want to invest in a good set eh.. :) I also have ELF brushes! :)

  16. sigma talaga ang inaasam asam ntn lahat! hehe im saving up for this din kaso i really need a set of brushes na, Im going to buy na this week ung beauty cosmetics na brushes 20 pc set ang inorder ko sis kay ms. myla ng fabshopaholic. it's a really good buy coz super soft din sila, i have tried using these brushes na sa makeup workshop ng glaminar kaya I decided na while nagiipon pko for sigma I will get these beauty cosmetic ones muna. :) good dupes to for sigma brushes sis. :)

  17. oooh.. gusto ko nga din SANA.. kaya lang sayang naman ang daming brush hehehe.. hopefully next month makabili na ko .sanaaaaa!



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