Monday, September 10, 2012

Day 9- Hopes, Dreams and Plans for the next 365 days

Day 9 - Hopes, Dreams and Plans for the next 365 Days

I have a lot of dreams and hopes in the next 365 days. But plans, I don't ever want to plan anything. It is because whenever I fail to do it, I get really really frustrated. I always just go with the flow. 

For the hopes and dreams, I got plenty of them. I dream and I hope to be a better blogger, a better person. 
Plans, not that much. I just plan the "littlest" things. And one of the things I really want/plan on doing is to conquer my fear of heights. I want to do it by riding that beautiful creation above. The MOA eye. I only experienced riding a ferris wheel once. And it was years ago. It wasn't that high though, but I was nearly fainting. 
But when I saw the MOA eye the very first time, I knew I wanted to overcome my fear by riding that thing. 

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  1. try mo yung sa enchanted kingdom na ferriswheel para worth it :) hihihi

  2. sabi the one in moa daw is higher.

  3. Bitin yung isang ride dito, haha! Mga 10minutes lang eh. :( I'd suggest ride during late afternoon para you can catch the sunset, must be a beautiful view. :) I enjoyed this one because the 'car' is closed (with aircon inside so that you won't get suffocated,hehe) and I feel safer (takot mahulog, hahaha).

    Go, chase your hopes and dreams. <3

  4. oo nga daw! :( hehe pero its okay! and yes thats what I want nga ate.. super naeemo ako pag sunset eh hehe. :D oo nga! kaya nga dyan ko gusto kasi close. :P hehehehe... me and my cousins want talaga.. kaya lang parating puno! daming tao!



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