Monday, June 4, 2012

my top 3 make-up gurus.

90 % of the things I know about beauty stuffs, I learned it through YouTube. I watch a lot of gurus doing their stuffs, I am a follower of a lot of girls and I do learn a lot from all those ladies. But this 3 people are the ones I adore the MOST! They are my absolute favorites and I know I'm going to love FOREVSSS! :) 

Who doesn't know her?! Come on!!!  She is the gorgeous Judy of ItsJudyTime!!! :)
I loooove her to death! She's simply.... gorgeous and she's just amazing. She is the BOMB! And.... have I mentioned that she's a Filipina?!? OH YEAH! She is! :)

She inspires me a lot! I love watching all of her videos, even her daily vlogs. She's so down to earth, and she's genuinely nice. I love her and I cant say it enough. :)

The next one is another Filipina beauty guru. I know you know her! The Marissa of RissRose2!! :)  I think she's the coolest mom ever! And hey, she's sooooo beautiful! She is OOOH- sooome!!!  I love her! I DO! A LOOOOT!!!  :)

Marissa is so cool. I think she is beautiful inside and out. I watch all of her videos all the time. I might not be one of those, first subscribers of hers. But I totally am a fan. I love her too, so much! :)

facebook: RissRose Fan Page

Last, but definitely not the least. Our very own Say of Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero! :)
I like her because she's so pretty and she's so natural! She's being herself in all of her videos and she's proud of being a Filipina. She's amazing!!! I looooove her! :) She's beyond amazing!
This lady is nice and humble. She is a good role model for a lot of us. She is beautiful no matter what other people say about her. I love her! :) 

facebook: Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero

These lovely ladies are my biggest inspiration to start sharing to people the things I know. I learned A LOT from them and I admire them for what they are doing. :) 
I will love them till forever! :) 

I hope someday, somehow I can inspire and help a lot of people too. :) 


  1. si ms judy din at say fave ko.. now ko palang follow si ms marissa

    1. i love them! and i loooove rissrose! you should definitely follow her. :)

  2. Favorite ko si Ms. Say. Sa kanya nagsimula yung new found love ko sa make-ups. :) That's why I started following beauty blogs back then :)



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