Monday, June 25, 2012

official prizes for the giveaway!

I just got my package from Kering-keri store that contains my giveaway prizes [ I just posted a mini open bag thing here. ]  ♥ 

And as I have said, I will post the photos as soon as I got it. I just got it today and as soon as I opened it, I took the photos and started blogging. :) 
So, here are the prizes for my first ever giveaway! [ if you haven't joined yet, please check out my giveaway here. ] ♥ 

Here is the first one. This set is super pretty. I love using purple on my eyes, and I wanted to keep this to myself. hehe But yeah, i am giving this away to one lucky supporter! :) ♥

The 5 piece eye set consists of:
*one ELF 6-eye shadow palette
*one ELF eyelid primer
*one ELF eyeliner
*one ELF mascare 
*and a sponge applicator
I also included one pair of a pretty blue butterfly earrings and a hand sanitizer from Watsons. ♥

And here is the second set.  :) These are the stuffs I got from Kering-keri store. I hope the winner who will get this would love these products as much as I do! ♥

Here are the ELF products that the 2nd winner will get.
*one ELF powder brush
*one ELF eyelid primer
*one ELF waterproof liquid eyeliner
*one ELF brightening eye quad in IVY
*one ELF lash curler
And just like the first set, I included here one pair of a gorgeous red flower earrings and a hand sanitizer from Watsons. ♥

So, there are the prizes! :) I hope who ever wins will love these products.
 And for those who haven't joined yet, please support my page and join! ♥ You guys still have 5 days to join. Read the mechanics carefully! :) 

Thank you so much for everyone who are supporting me. I am new to blogging but it is a wonderful experience so far! The support I'm getting from people I barely know is overwhelming. :) Please continue supporting me and myy blog! ♥ I appreciate the words of encouragement and everything soooo so much! THANK YOU GUYS! ♥


  1. I really like the prizes hope to win! ♥

    1. thanks dear! :) goodluck to you! hehe. and thanks for supporting my blog. ♥

  2. just joined :) awesome prizes <3 good luck po sa ating lahat



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