Monday, June 25, 2012

mini open BAG!

So, last week I ordered some stuffs from the VERY nice Eunice of Kering-keri Store. I paid through BDO last thursday, then she shipped it the next day. But I just got it now, Monday. Its okay though! :) It was not Eunice's fault, and I am not in a hurry to receive it. I know it will arrive anytime soon. :) 

When I got home today, I saw the little package on my bed already! I was super excited cause it contains my giveaway prizes. :) 
So here are the photos I took. hehe :) 

She used Metrowide Courier to ship my products. :) 

This thing is super cute! The package was sealed with these little sticker with a cute little phrase. :) 

ANOTHER SUPER CUTE TOUCH! My items were inside this CUTE pink little bag. SUPER CHIC! ♥   

And then this invoice thingy was attached on the bag. :) 

These are the things I ordered. :) I only got 2 things for myself. The Tony Moly lip and cheek tint and Krave's Correct and Conceal. I didn't know that the tony moly one was this little. hehe It's so cute but its super small. I got it for Php 75.00 and the Correct and Conceal for Php 285.00. 

And then here are the prizes! :) I will post the official prizes for my giveaway on a different blog post later. :) 

Soooo, that is my mini open BAG post. :) hehe I just want to share it with you guys. And do visit Kering-keri store! Eunice is the owner of the shop and she is the nicest! :) She's my new found friend. hehe. I love her! ♥ She sells cosmetics from ELF, NYX and a few more brands for a very affordable prices! Go check her out! Here is her store's link:


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