Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Follower of the Month.

Tomorrow is already August, can you believe it?! Another month has past, and we're 1 month closer to Christmas! YEY! My favorite holiday ever! And LOTS of gifts! WOOT! :) 

Anyways, enough of the Christmas talk first. [ excited lang?! :P  ] Let us proceed to the "main" topic for tonight. For the last month, I have visited a few blogs already. And I have heard/seen about this "Commenter of the Month" thing. And I really think its a good idea! :) So, I have decided to have something like that on my blog as well. I named mine as Follower of the Month

I have decided to have this on my blog to keep it "alive." And mainly because, I LOVE chatting to you guys. I love it when you ask me questions, give me suggestions and all that stuff. So, I want to give credit to the people who regularly visit my blog and REALLY read my posts. :) 

But unlike other blogs, I wouldn't show you the prizes just yet.  I will show it to you guys 7 days before the LAST Friday of every month. For August, it will be on the 24th.   So better stay tuned for that! :) 

To qualify, you must...
For those who live outside the country, sorry. BUT make sure to stay tuned. I  MIGHT have something for you guys on the upcoming months. YOU CAN STILL TALK TO ME! :) 

The Follower of the Month of course should be an active member/ follower.
Not only does she/he reads my posts and comments, but also talks to me on FB and/or Twitter. If you have any questions. suggestions, reactions or anything on my posts, feel free to talk to me.  Comments from my past posts and present [ and future. :D ], are counted. BUT please post RELEVANT stuffs only. I accept criticisms, but not hate.

If you guys can see the the TOP COMMENTER on the left side of the screen. <<----
I will consider that too. I think you need to have an account through DISQUS or something. But yeah, the winner will be the MOST ACTIVE member. 

Do you guys like this kind of stuff?!
I hope you do! If it is not clear, do not hesitate to ask me questions. :) 


  1. hey michelle! this is interesting :D i've read several of your blog posts and i find them helpful.

    i am a new follower! please follow me too http://iyaboto.blogspot.com/


  2. like! :) gusto ko na din magstart magblog sis! :) nakakainspire ka! :) Tamad nga lng talaga ako...haha ;)

  3. awww.. thanks!!! i appreciate it. nakakatuwa na naiinspire kita. :) I am glad! and kahit anong negativity ang abutin ko, those simple words ng appreciation nakaktaba ng puso. SALMAT! :)

  4. Wow sis ha! Ang bongga mo na! May Follower of the month ka na! Sana ako din makagawa ng ganito or ng Giveaway. Kaso lagi kasi ako on a tight budget e,maybe by months of Ber, hopefully pag nakaipon makagawa din ako. :)

  5. hehe. bongga agad?! hehe di naman... natutuwa lang ako kasi i have met new friends through this blog. eton nmang follower of the month di naman kailangan bonggang gift dba?! sign of appreciation lang. :) yes! oo by BER months marami na yan.. :)

  6. It's the thought that counts dear! Hehe Ako sana talaga. Naguumpisa palang kasi kaming makabawi ngayon e, so we are on a very tight budget talaga. Pero pag nakabawi na sa budget, gagawa ako ng 1st giveaway ko ever! Hehe Maybe by October. 1st anniv ng blog ko. Taga san ka nga pala sis? Jennifer B. Fosgate
    Admin Dept.
    Nxtgen Tech., Inc

  7. hehe tama! oo naman ate.. its never too late naman to give back eh... i know your readers understand that. :) and sabi mo nga its the thought that counts.. it doesnt matter if mahal yan or not.. :) taga pasay po.

  8. Agree with Ms. Prettythrifty, bongga lang teh! I like! :) Tips naman dyan on making blog giveaways, hehehe. Alam mo naman ako, newbie much :))


  9. hehehe.. bongga!? bonggambilya. :P i know thats not the spelling. hehe.sige Ate Jen I will try to blog about that. :) is there any way that I can follow you through wordpress as well?

  10. wow this is cool! i've been a follower for a while now and i appreciate your hardwork in doing blogs! sobrang sipag mo! now you have this one! more power


  11. aww.thanks!!! it is hardwork, yes! BUT I do enjoy what i am doing. I am lovin it kahit na it really takes a lot of effort especially in editing pictures. But im getting used to it. And iam super happy with all the positive feedbacks i am getting from a lot of people. :) THANKS FOR SUPPORTING!!!

  12. :) Haay nko sis hayaan mo lng ung mga NEGA... I think inggit lng ang mga ganun... Kaya keber lng... ika nga nila "Keep Calm and Carry on!" hehehe :) Eto sis poster para syo... Keep calm and write on! :) hehehe

  13. awww.thank you! hehe i agree! :) and i will continue writing! don't worry! :)

  14. Hi Michelle, thanks for dropping by my blog! :) Good luck with blogging and I hope to see you around more often. :)

  15. HI! you are so welcome! thank you! :)

  16. Bonggels ka gurl. Haha. Your hardwork and love for your blog really shows! Keep it up <3
    More power to your blog! Show your haters that they cannot put you down. :D

    God bless girl! Finollow kita sa twitter :))


  17. hehe. Bonggang bongga-bilya! :P aww thanks! yes, i am loving this so much!! :) And i am glad to know that you guys can see that. :) YES! They cant! hehe. thanks you!!! :)

    anyways. i got your other comment sa Follower of the Month ko.. I read it sa email but i cant see it dun sa mismong post.. weird. i will answer nalang here.

    *THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I am glad that you're loving my posts. :) i really am.
    I have tried that too! yes its also good! but i love this one better. i used to have the body spray as well. hehe..And I will revie that soon. :)

    YEP! more product reviews! THANKS! :)

  18. kaya pala hindi nag-appear yung comment ko dun sa favorites! kaya nagcomment ulit ako kanina. Ohhh that's why! Minsan nga, nageerror yung comments ko eh. Idk why! But thanks for replying anyway! sorry naddoble yung entry. Hihihi.

  19. hehe no! i saw your comment last night hehe. :D you're welcome! syempre naman i will reply! hello! i love talking to everyone nga eh hehe. :) its okay dear!



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