Monday, September 3, 2012

FAVORITES: August 2012.

Is it really September?! You guys aren't tripping me huh?! HAHA It isn't true that August ended already. I cannot believe it, I swear! I know I say it a lot, but it's crazy! I don't know if you guys feel it too, but this year is flying extra fast!

Anyways, I am here to share with you guys the stuffs I have been loving for the past month of August. I know, it feels like I just posted my July Favorites last night. :D Some of the things I will mention are rediscovered or already mentioned on my past favorites. And some are new, I guess. :) Let's rock and roll! ♥

1. Watsons Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Tape
This stuff really works! I will do an in depth review on this baby soon. :) 

2. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser
I started using this 3 years ago. And this was the MIRACLE product that helped me with my acne. I stopped using this last June to try out a few products. And when I got this major breakout ( that I still have. ) I have decided to pull this out again and use it. It helped me! It calmed my skin down. But it is really really bad that I needed something stronger. But this baby, AH! I love it! It is a bit expensive but it is worth the money. 

3. Queen Helen Mint Julep Masque
This helped me calm my acne also. I used it together with my Cetaphil, they worked. I will/might do a review on it soon, as well. :)

4. FX Heat Memory Flat Iron Spray
I love using this stuff cause it made ironing my hair easier. And it is a heat protectant as well. It also makes my straightened hair last a bit longer. 

5. Bench So in Love Moisturizing Lotion
Still, I love this for the month of August. I love how "romantic" it smells. :D

6. Zen Zest Eau de Toilette in Tangerine
This has a sweet scent to it that I really love. The scent isn't overwhelming though. It smells really calm. Love it for every day!

7. Zen Zest Eau de Cologne in Seduce
I have mentioned this a few times already. I am obsessed with this scent. It smells crispy but not over powering. It also has a sweet scent to it. 

8. Ever Bilena Advance Studio Finish Stick Foundation in Beige
This one has a good coverage. I love that it makes your skin look glowing and smoother. I have break outs this past month, that's why I need to really cover it up. This bad boy is awesome! I used to use it back in high school and early last year. I love it since then. But I just rediscovered it now.

9. James Cooper Jazzy Collection Cream Foundation in CF 03
This also offers a very nice coverage. I love that I don't need a lot of product to cover up my acnes and blemishes. It also makes your skin look glowing. It is cream that's why you need to set it with powder.

10 Ever Bilena Advance 3D Compact in Dark Baked Fusion
I have mentioned it in my past posts already. I use this one to set my foundation in place. I love that it doesn't make your face look cakey. And lasting power is pretty good. 

I don't need to explain. I love this one! I loved my Pretty Young Thin, but this is my first love. 

12. Ever Bilena Mousse Concealer
This covers really well. It is a mousse, so I think that's one reason why it covers my blemishes really good. 

13. Ever Bilena Blush in Raisin
I love this one ever since I got it. It gives you a fresh natural looking glow. Lasting power isn't that good though. But I still love it. 

14. BOB Super Curl Mascara from Taiwan
This is awesome! I will review it and show you guys how amazing this product is! 

15 NYX JEP in Milk
I have yet to review this. But it is really a good eye shadow base. 

16. Nichido Kohl Pencil in Onyx
Just like last month. :) I love the pigmentation. And it is perfect for tight lining. 

Rekindled love affair?! haha yes! I absolutely am wearing this one a lot lately. I'm running out of it though, that's why I am trying to use it less often. :) 


OH HELLO!!! Isn't it obvious?! :D

20 ELF Mechanical Lash Curler
It really curls the lashes. PLUS it's very cheap and affordable. It feels sturdy and it will last you a long time. 

21 Fashion21 Big Blending Brush
I use this as an all over eye brush. I use this for the lids, crease and for blending. It is very multi functional. Very cheap as well!

22. Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush
My first ever brush! I love this one too. It can be used as a foundation brush, blush brush and a lot more. I love how dense and soft it is. Amazing for the price!



I haven't watched any movies this month. But I have been so addicted to Gossip Girl AGAIN! For the nth time. HA HA! I finished season 1 -5 for less than 2 months late last year/early this year. 
And now, I started all over again from season 1. It's like my 3rd of 4th time repeating it. haha It is very addicting!


I just started watching her recently. And her videos are super informative. They are very interesting and she looks very nice. I love her already!


♥ Miss Iya Boto of From Nails to Makeup

I have been reading her blog a lot. :) She is actually one of my new friends. She is a year older than me but she looks younger! She is like my new sister! Super sweet, nice and pretty! 
You guys should check her blog out!

♥Pocky Strawberry

I love it ever since high school. And this month, I have been craving and eating this one a lot! hehe I love it! YUMMYNESS!

Soooo, I guess that's it! See you tomorrow for the September Favorites. HAHA I will see you again soon on my next posts. :) 

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What are your favorites for the month of August?! have you tried or purchased any of the things I mentioned?!Have you watched GG?!? 
Let's talk about it! Comment down below! ♥

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  1. Tangerine is my fave from Zen Zest!!! Love it <3

  2. yes! its mine too..well seduce din. hehe. it smells nice and girly :)

  3. My pichi is the one that introduced me to pocky, and ever since then I've been hooked. I can finish up to 3 boxes before... now I rarely eat it cause I want to save up for a new brush set from beauty cosmetics... ;) great post chellie!

  4. Awww. I was surprised to see my name and face in this blog post. I'm touched! Thanks chel! i love reading Favorite Posts! I love Pocky sticks too pero nakakabitin. Hehehe. Can't wait for the start of our collab! I'm too excited! :)

  5. haha. pocky is addicting huh?! hehe I looove pocky! SO MUCH! :D oooh. hehe I am actually saving up for a brush set. :D medyo mahal nga lang. hehe. THANKS!

  6. awww.. yey! I think you're pretty talented when it comes to eyeshadows..and that what interests me. i dont know how kasi. :D hehe. super nakakabitin one box dba?! hehe. ME TOO!!! hehe. :D

  7. Strawberry Pocky! Super love it. <3 Cetaphil worked for the 'safe phase' of my skin until my hormones started going crazy again and it just didn't cut it anymore. But it was highly recommended by my previous derma.

  8. aww me tooooo! hehe. Im addicted. :D yeah I think I had breakouts kasi I stopped using it and then started trying different stuffs. It wokred really well on me kasi when I was in high school I really had TONS of acne. I have them in all sizes. haha But when I started using Cetaphil, it worked wonders. And as i have said.. I have never had any bad breakouts for the past 3 years until just now! siguro after my face clear up i will def go back to Cetaphil.

  9. Ba't ganon? Parang lahat ng gusto kong itry na product na sayo? hehehe Okay ba talaga ang Cetaphil sis? High school palang ako want ko na yan itry, kaso til' now namamahalan pa rin ako. pero I think I should save some bucks first and buy it no? And yeah, how much blending brush ng F21? Gusto ko din bumili ng makeup brush, yung sa suesh. hay, dami gustong bilhin wala naman pera. hehehe :)) love the perfume too. NAsa wishlist ko halos lahat ng favorite products mo !

  10. hahaha.. yes! Cetaphil really worked for me! It was recommended by my derma kasi when I was in high school. I tried it and it really made my skin clearer. I have been using it for 3 years now..Its super gentle naman sa skin eh. Yun F21 ata mga 80+... Me, I have been really saving up for an investment. kaya kahit mahirap I need to control myself. hahaha. yeah! hirap pag walang money. :D I feel you girl! :D hahaha.

  11. Hey Nicole! Im planning of getting Beauty Cosmetics brush set too. I'm excited! :>

  12. Hehehe, thank you chel! I think I have a lot more to learn. Yes nakakabitin nga! Wish they have in bigger boxes. Same way with yakult in bigger bottles! I've read from that yakult is part of the your favorites din! :D

  13. aw welcome!ME! I have tons to learn pa! hehehe. super awful ko when it comes to eye shadow. :D yes! TRUE! hehe pocky and yakult should do that! haha yes!

  14. sis have you tried using the fx heat memory flat iron spray when curling your hair using a flat iron? im looking for a good product to make my curls last coz when i curl my hair after 5 mins wala na agad as in straight ulit, and i dont want to use hairspray coz it makes it too stiif... haaay...

  15. oooh no dear. not yet.. i tried curling my hair using a flat iron but i cant. hehe. i dont know how. :D but the fx is really good when it comes to straightening it.. they also have something for curling ate.. you might want to check that out. :)

  16. what's it called kaya? fx heat memory curl? hehe haven't found it yet pa din,,, huhuhu

  17. I think it is called curl booster.. yellow sya alam ko e. :)



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