Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mini - Landmark Haul.

Happy Sunday friendsies! :) How was your day?! My day was pretty good. It was just normal Sunday actually, but I feel good! My mom, my 2 youngest siblings and me went to Landmark Makati today to do some grocery shopping. So, I took the chance and bought a few personal stuffs and makeup as well. I controlled myself cause I still don't want to spend that much on anything because I am still saving up for the SIGMA brushes I have been dying to have. :)

Anyways, here are the few things I got. 

First, lemme show you the "personal care" stuffs that I bought. 
 This is my first time sharing with you some personal stuffs. hehe :D

1. Kleenex Travellers 40s Tissue [ 3+1 ] 
Php 40.20 
I stock up on tissues. It is because I am a bit scared to run out of it. :D

2. Nivea Extra Whitening Anti - Perspirant 
Php 154.50
This is my first time using a "spray" type of deo.

3. Colgate 360 Surround Toothbrush
Php 151.70
I have braces so I am a bit particular in what toothbrush to buy. And yes, I do change my toothbrush every 3--4 months. 

And then I bought a few products from ELF. I love ELF! I can just buy everything I see from their counters. hehe. Thank GOD for self- control. :D 

1. ELF Lip Stain in Crimson Crush 
Php 199.75
I have been wanting to try a lip stain for the longest time now. I want to try Revlon but I can't yet. 

2. ELF Brightening Eye Color in Butternut
Php 129.75
I have been hearing a lot of good things about this cute little palette. So, I wanted to try it out. 

3. ELF Eyebrow Stencil Kit 
Php 129.75
I have been wanting to try this out ever since Ate Jen Tan reviewed it on her blog.
[ Click HERE for the review. ]
BUT it was always sold out. The first time I tried to buy it was last August when me and cousin went to MOA. I was in a ban back then but I asked her if she could buy one for me. And she said yes, but out of stock. And then immediately after my ban, I went to MOA again but it is out of stock again. Then today, I saw it at Landmark and the SA told me that it was their last piece. So, I knew that I need to get it. :)

That's it! That was the few things I got. And well, I also bought the stuffs I will be giving away for my BIRTHDAY! So, stay tuned for that! SOON! :D

I hope you guys liked it. 
If you have any inquiries or suggestions, do not hesitate to comment down below. ♥

Have you guys tried out some of the products I got?! Did you get anything new today?! 
Let's chat! 
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  1. Ako naman, I stock up on Kleenex wipes. Haha I won't survive without them.

    You should try the Landmark brushes, esp. the new synthetic ones. Very nice and affordable :)

  2. haha.. really?! I am not a huge wipes fan. hehe i can use any wipes... but tissue talaga.. parang nakakabaliw pag naubusan ako. :D my mom will always tell me " kinakain mo ba ang tissue!? " haha

    oooh. i acutally have some eye brushes from Landmark. But kanina I wanted to try out some but my dad is in a hurry.. He is always in a hurry actually. :D haha

  3. Dad's are always in a hurry when it's shopping time lol :)
    Oh will you review the eyebrow stencil too? I'm curious about it.

  4. haha yes they are!!! hehehe. :D my dad is very impatient when it comes to shopping. :D
    ooh i might.. hehe i wil!!!

  5. Will be waiting for your review on ELF stencils! :) Ang galing ng self control mo Chel! :))

  6. hehe i will do that...soon. haha. :D malakas lang talaga ang motivation ko.. and i dont bring my money with me. sometimes i will just bring 500 hehe. :D

  7. sis hndi ba masakit ung spray type? nagtry ako dati pero rexona, nangitim underarms ko.. huhu

  8. great hauls! I love ELF too and I also bought the same eye brightening palette!! I lurve it much!!

  9. cool hauls! so in what branch of landmark did you shop sis? :) I am loving the elf products you got... reviews please? :)

  10. its my first time ate. :) i dont know mine was pretty maitim din hehe.

  11. thank you janet dear! :) yeah i love them! they have great products but super cheap price. :) yey! twinsies! hehe

  12. Landmark Makati. :) hehe I will as soon as I am done trying them out. :)



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