Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 1 - A photo that makes you happy.

Day 1 - A photo that makes you happy.

" A dog is the only thing on earth that will love you more than she loves herself. "

I had a hard time choosing the picture to use. I have tons of choices cause a lot of pictures made me smile. But this one, it made me smile and at the same time it made me happy deep within.

Me and my cousins LOVES dogs. Maybe because we grew up in a family that loves dogs also. I am not a huge fan of cats or any other kinds of pets. But dogs really has a special place in my heart. 
Chuchay is MY first dog. We've had a couple of family dogs and we still have 2 of them who lives in my grandparents. But Chuchay, she's mine. She is my baby. 
I know she loves me more than she loves herself, and that's what made me feel special. I know that she always have and always will love me no matter what I do. 
And I am really happy because of that. :) 
I know those people who also love and treasure their pets as much as I do will understand. ♥
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  1. Very cute photo :D I adore dogs as well..

  2. Wee I love dogs! I think I should do this challenge too. :)

  3. aw.. dogs are just so precious. :) i love them!

  4. aww. :) hehe yes you should! i think its fun and really challenging cause not every day you 're in the mood to blog. hehe

  5. Wow! Nice tag sis! :) I want to do this too! :) I LOVE dogs also... But to tell you honestly I am still mourning the loss of my baby dog, he died just last week due to parvo, some people might think I must be crazy coz I cried my heart out when my baby cicco died. I really miss him... :(

  6. awwww... that's so heart breaking! :( what is his breed?! and how old is he?

  7. He is a llhasa apso, he was just 3 months old he was supposed to be an advanced birthday gift from my bf... :( But i still have 3 more dogs though a terrier, a belgian mallinois, and a mongrel... :)

  8. awwww. :( that breaks my heart. sensitive kasi talaga pang puppy e noh?! wow! hehe.. cuuutie!! :) I have always wanted a big dog but we are just renting kaya di pa pwede. :) is it a yorkshire terrier?!



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