Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day 2 - 20 of my Favorite Things.

Day 2 - 20 of my favorite things.

I have TONS of favorites. But these things I will be showing you guys are randomly selected, which means I didn't thought about them. hehe. I listed them randomly. :)

1. CHEESE - I am obsessed! I love cheese basically in any food! LOL

2. BAGS - I am more of a bag person than shoes. I don't know why but I am more interested in bags than anything else, except makeup. :P 

3. LIPSTICKS - Ya'll knows that already! hehe. I am inlove with lipsticks. They are awesome!

4. YAKULT - Who doesn't love yakult?! If only there's like a HUGE bottle of yakult, I would love that. 

5. MY LIPS - haha! I love my lips! I think its the only part of my face that I am really happy about. haha

6. INSTAGRAM - I can stalk a person for hours on Instagram. My phone isn't working, so no Instagram for days now. BOOOO!!!

7. YELLOW - Anything yellow, it screams my name. Yellow is my favorite FAVORITE color. I love it!

8. SEDUCE - I love this scent from Zen Zest. Its' my go to/ every day perfume. I am obsessed with this scent that what I have now is my 3rd or 4th bottle already. 

9. COOKING - I am not an expert but I love doing it. I think people saying how GOOD and delicious the food you cooked is the most rewarding feeling of all time. 

10. PIZZA - Need I say more?! LOL I love food! And pizza, is crazy amazing!

11. CHOCOLATES - Oh yeah! I don't think I still need to explain this. haha I have a bad sweet tooth. I love anything sweet. It runs in the family actually. And chocolates are the bomb! 

12. CHRISTMAS - My favorite "season" ever! I love it more than my own birthday. I love how busy we get and how festive it feels. I am excited! 

13. SUNSET - I think it is the most amazing view ever. I love looking st sunset because it looks so beautiful, and so paradise-y. 

14. SALE - Come on! Who does not want sale!? TELL ME! :)

15. TIGERS - Aren't they the cutest?! hehe I love tigers just because. I think they are super tough at the outside, but they can be very soft on the inside. 

16. CARMEX - Oh hellooo! My HG lip balm ever! I think it's the best. It works so good on me, and I love it. 

17. JOHN LLOYD CRUZ - My bebe! I loove him to death! hahaha He's my favorite actor because he's so cute and soooo good at what he's doing. 

18. CHUCHAY - My very own baby girl is one of my favorites also. She makes me happy. I love her a lot! 

19. MATHEA and DAMON - My baby sister and brother. They are so precious. They are both handfuls, BUT they are our family's joy. Their innocence and crazy silly acts are the best. I love kids. And I love these 2, to the moon and back. ♥

20. All about being Glam - My blog! AH! I love blogging. And this blog is one of the few things I am proud of. I do what I want and I am happy with it. It is something I can call my own. :) 
 My blog and of course, my precious and oh so supportive readers are some of the few things I treasure the most. ♥

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  1. nice list. blog posts like this are quite enjoyable to do, no? :)

  2. yeah.. they are. hehe i just hope i can maintain it throughout the month. hehe

  3. We have a lot of common fave things sis! :) I also love cheese, cooking, chocolates, yakult, christmas, Tigers (coz im from UST... hehe :P), my doggies, and of course my siblings! :)

  4. really?! thats cool!! hehe.. i am obsessed with cheese!!! hehehe and I studied sa UST din for a year. :D i transferred nga lang. :)

  5. Cute blog! I am so glad that you stopped by mine so that I was able to find yours! I love it!!!! Im your newest follower

    XOXO Tiffany

  6. aww thats so sweet of you tiffany! thanks! :)

  7. Hello my dear! I think you look gorgeous so your lips aren't the only feature of yours you ought to be proud of! =) I love my Yakult too and yes we should perhaps write in to Yakult and beg them to make bigger bottles of it! =D

  8. awww..thanks for your sweet words dear, sukie! :) hahaha yes! That's a brilliant idea! hehe. :D



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