Friday, August 31, 2012

Pillow Time : Moving on.

For tonight, I will just share a short post I wrote 2 years ago. I will honestly say that I can't talk about it that much yet. Anyways, enjoy! ♥


sometimes i think i can let go of things that easy..mnsan gnun e.. prng feeling m kering keri m lng ilet go yun mga bagay pag kelngn n tlga mag let go.. pro i realized na theres no easy way to let go of something.. lalo na to let go of things that you know will never happen again.. bakt kya gnun kahirap mag let go noh?!? even though sa simula plng alam m na lahat ng bagay nmn n yun wont stay forever.. na ddating dn you time n u have to give them up.. na everything has its ends...its funny.. because even though , from the start, you know theyre not yours.. you still hold on because akala m theyre the only reason why youre after they go.. after you let them go.. you feel numb.. yung tipong iniiyak m lahat ng liquid s ktwan mo.. sana nkta nla un mga luhang yun.. ksi those tears speaks everythng you reall feel inside... na even your smile cant cover up the pain.... pero as time goes by.. you really need to move on.. to move'll realize na dapat..dapat n tlga tigilan na.. yung tipong ikw n mismo mgssbi sa srili mo to STOP.. :).. and youll feel good.. lalo n pg iicpn m na you'll get over him someday.. its all worth it ksi youve learned a lot form it.. masaya to pick up those pieces one by one.. knowing na mabubuo ka rn ult.. and nkkatuwa na nakakatwa nlng balikan laht.. ksi finally masasbi mo na youre finally out of his shadow.. na finally youre over him. :) and now alam m ng you can stand beside him without wanting to hold his hand..and you can talk to him without wanting him to say the things you wanna hear... :) ready k na.. and you know that soon you will fall in love again.. you know that you will.. and you CAN. :) finally youre ready.. ready to give.. and to love AGAIN.. :))


  1. Nice insight on life sis and about moving on, especially sa last statement mo, "to love AGAIN". I guess that is what's really important, you have loved, you learned from the experience but most of all you can heal and love again. :)

  2. aww thanks! :) i wrote this 2 yeas ago but no after my break up... i have the same insight. And i think thats one of the few things that i am really thankful for. I never want to be bitter about love. I am still hopeful. I know someday, somehow I will meet the one God planned for me. :)



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