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Review : [ 4U2 Series ] dreamGirl Lovelight BB Powder SPF 15 PA ++

AH! Rain!! You make me feel sleepy and lazy all the time. And no matter how much I am in-love with the rain, I really am missing the sun now. Anyways, today I will be reviewing another product for my 4U2 Series. :) [ Reviewed the BB Cream last week: HERE ]

I have heard a LOT of raves about this product for the last couple of weeks now. I wasn't even planning on buying this one even if I have heard a lot of good things about it already. I was really hesitant to try it out. I doubt that it really works and what not. I thought it's just the powder, nothing special. But the hype got into me, so I gave in and bought it.
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 And I am talking about the,  
4U2 dreamGirl Lovelight BB Powder SPF 15 PA ++ .
[ Its too long huh?! I don't know why they have to have looong names. ] 

"Confidence Builder through All Day Complexion Perfection. Exclusive formulation for even and natural skin tones and oil control. With sun protection, too. Be a dreamGirl!" 

It comes in this cute tiny pink container that can easily fit your purse. I like that it is so compact that's why it won't eat up a lot of space in your kikay kit or bag.
It also comes with a small sponge applicator. 

They only have 3 shades. And I am in the shade of number 3. And I think it is perfect for my skin tone. :) 

 Here is some swatches. It looks a bit whiter on my hand BUT it isn't on my face. It really blends well into my skin. 

And just like my BB Cream, the important infos and dates are also listed on the packaging. 
[ Sorry I wasn't able to take a picture of that. ] 

Here, now's the PROS and CONS. 
-- It has SPF 15. That's a good thing especially in our country which is very sunny, most of the time. 
-- It glides on to the skin smoothly. And blends well with your skin really well.
-- It leaves your skin smooth and soft looking. 
-- Its long lasting! I wore alone one time. And It lasted me for more than 6 hours. 
-- It has a good oil control! I have oily skin. But after a few hours, you won't see any shiny-ness or whatever. You'll feel that the oil is already building up after 5-6 hours but it isn't really that oily.  
-- It so affordable! It only costs Php 194.oo. And the availability is very easy because you can find it at any 4U2 Counters nationwide. 

-- It has a BIT of a smell that I don't like. It smells like old powders. But its tolerable. 
-- It can look cakey if its not blended that well. 
-- The coverage isn't that good.
-- It has talc and paraben.
-- There isn't a separator or whatever you call that, for the sponge and product itself. 
It just isn't that hygienic. 
-- It can accentuate dry patches. 
-- It is only available in 3 shades.  

I personally prefer using the sponge because it gives better coverage and it really evens out the product unto the skin. That's how I like it. 

Will I recommend? 
YES. I think it is worth the hype! The price is good. Quality is good! I love it! 

Will I repurchase? 
Yes. I think it is perfect for go to women. I cannot say enough good things about it. hehe I really think its a GREAT product.

All in all, it is a GREAT product for its price. Very cheap but I love it. It's a powder but it can be used as a foundation.You can use it alone, but do not expect a good coverage. I love this product. But I stopped using it for few days cause I think, MAYBE it is causing my skin to breakout. So, we will see.
But other than that, I think its perfect! Its amazing! :)

There are a lot of hidden "gems" in Watsons. I have never ever used any 4U2 products before and I think their products have good quality. 

ANYWAYS,  it has been raining really hard. I hope all of you , your families and friends are all safe! STAY DRY!

 Have you tried this already? How was it? What do you think of it?

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  1. Haven't tried anything from them but I am excited cause they're giving me a free make over! :)

  2. oooh yes! i have see your name nga! you're so lucky! you won a lot of times on different giveaways. hehe im excited for you!!

  3. thanks sis! :) haha lucky streak ko lng sia... actually sana sa lotto naman ako manalo para makapagaral na ako ulit... kahit na palaging suspended classes I really miss studiying in a classrom environment and knowing na malapit na ako makagraduate after a long time :)

  4. hehehe.aww.. oo nga! yun naman ata wish ng nakararami. :)

  5. im really hearing loads about this but i just bought my maybelline powder gosh sayang :))

  6. ooh yeah! hehe it is worth the hype though. hehe. aww sayag. after you fiish your maybellie, go try this! :)

  7. Mang Juan de la CruzAugust 8, 2012 at 2:08 PM

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  8. Yey! finally a new post! thanks for the review! ang tagal ng lasting power in fairness,6 hours :))

  9. yes! i was shocked din na it will last g ganun katagal! :) for its price, i think itsawesome!

  10. how much po ba ang powder and availble ba yan sa watson???

  11. i mentioned those infos above dear.. BUT yes! it is avaiable in Watsons and anywhere na may 4U2 counter. It costs Php194.00 :)

  12. This is cute, marami ng may gusto ng powder na to from 4u2. Finally napansin din ng maraming bloggers ang brand na to, I'v been seing 4u2 stalls at watsons, pero snob ko kasi I ahven;t heard anything from it. pero ngayon I would like to try it na!

  13. oo nga eh.. ako din, parang i dont want to risk trying things that i havent heard before. but i think there are LOTS if hidden gems sa watsons.. brand na di masyadong napapansin but maganda quality. :) hehe you should!

  14. I totally agree with you sis, there are lots of good finds sa watsons you just have to take your time scanning everything and be really makulit sa mga salesladies... hehe

  15. hehe yeah. hidden gems kumbaga, :D

  16. Do you still use bb cream before using this powder? Kasi po gusto ko ring bilhin to kaso baka naman ang oa na ng muka ko kung gagamit pa ako nito xD ok lang po bang gumamit ng bb cream and this? :)

  17. I like the BB powder because it has SPF 15 :)
    ~Pauline @



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