Saturday, August 4, 2012

Random : NO-BUYING-OF-MAKEUP month!

So, I have declared that August is my "NO BUYING OF MAKEUP" month. It isn't easy! I swear! i actually went to the mall last Thursday, and I succeeded! [ bwahaha!! ]  I was sooo so tempted to buy the ELF lip stains, and some other ELF stuffs. And then I walked around Watsons for like an hour debating if I should or shouldn't buy the stuffs I picked up.And I ended up returning all of them and walking out of the store empty handed. I cannot believe it myself! HA HA! But I did it! WOOT! *good job, Michelle!*

It was super hard, but I have to stick to what I said. I won't buy any makeup this month. PERIOD! 

I have a few reasons why. 
1. I need and WANT to save up to invest in some "more" effective products. It means I would love to buy me some GOOD quality makeup products that will really satisfy my skin's needs. 
2. I need to save so that I can buy the things i want to try, and the things I want to own for so long now. 
3. I have quite a few products here that I need to use before it expires! :P 
4. I really want to learn to become a smart buyer, cause being an impulsive buyer isn't good for your wallet. 

I can do this! I believe I can! :) 
I actually got the idea from Miss Ina of iambabypanda.
I saw her on one of her tweets and I thought that it's such a great idea! :) 

So, who is with me?! Let's do this, yeah? hehe 

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  1. i am with you Chel. i am saving up for a camera hence no buying of make-up muna! Lets do this! We can do this! :)

  2. @iya boto - i cant seem to see your comment again.. but yes! we're all on this! hehe what camera are you planning to buy? i am planning to buy a good one as well para sa photos ng blog lang.. mga less than 5 thou?! do you suggest anything good?

  3. Wow! Good job sis! :) Im glad na you had managed to not buy anything! :) Let's see if I can manage to do the same. :) AJA! hehe I have to save up too since September is my birthday month so I need to save so I can buy myself a birthday gift. Yey! :)

  4. hehe yey! thanks! REALLY?! WHEN? Iam a september baby as well! hehe. :)

  5. Yeap! :) Sept 11, ako sis... ampanget ng date noh... hehe :p Talaga? kelan ka?

  6. Sis, if you want to see some choices for digi cam out in the market today, I suggest you look at kimstore in fb. ;) They have lots of choices dun, at least pag pupunta ka na sa mall to buy may idea ka kung anong cam ang like mo. :) Here's the link :) I personally like sony cybershot w610, I think its less than 5 thou. :)

  7. Suportahan kita jan sis! hehe Ako rin tatry ko wag bumili this month, pero siguro pwede naman ang shoes at damit? hehehe

  8. hehehe.. yeah! makeup lang no! :P

  9. sept 13 ako. hehe i know a lot na september baby! super daming may birthday pag september

  10. oooh. yeah! i know her store.. kaya lang im not really a gadget person kaya di ko talaga alam kung ano maganda :P

  11. Hi! I tagged you in my latest post :) hope that you drop by my blog girl! :)

  12. oooh. thanks! i will! :)

  13. hi michelle! I dont know why my comments don't appear. glad you're still able to read and reply :))
    Yung plan ko, Sony Cybershot w650. Less than 6k. Check
    Cheaper prices compared to malls. :D

  14. i dont know why din! kakainis!!! but yeah, i can read it through my email. :) oooh..yes! i saw nga!!! i will have to research a bit more kung ano maganda. hehe. but yeah, i saw the site and their prices are really cheaper. :) thanks!

  15. Yey! im excited na sis ang lapit na ng birthday month natin! yipee! :)

  16. YEY! hehe. super lapit na nga eh.. nakakaloka!



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