Friday, August 3, 2012

PILLOW TIME: Long Distance Relationship

So, a while ago I posted on Facebook that today's topic will be something VERY personal. For me, it is. I have never talked about this topic to anyone except some very few close friends. But now, I just felt the "need" or urge to share it with you guys. I won't be giving away so much details though, I just want to share my two cents on this. 


Some of you already know that I recently broke up with my boyfriend for 1 and a half year. It's hard, I'll be honest. But I know I'll get through it in time. And our relationship was a long distance one. 
Yes, we met online. And we haven't met personally. CRAZY?! I know you think it is. But let me make you understand it a little bit more. 

What is LDR? [ long distance relationship ] 
According to, Long Distance Relationship is an intimate relationship that takes place when the partners are separated by a considerable distance. 

Before I met him, I don't believe in Long Distance Relationships. I am one of the many who thinks that people who are in this kind of relationship are either money hungry or plainly stupid. [ excuse my words. ]  I even told myself that I will NEVER ever be in that kind of situation cause I really thought it was crazy. I thought that it is crazy to fall inlove with someone MILES away from you. I thought its IMPOSSIBLE
But I guess FATE wants me to have a more open mind to this kind of relationship. Destiny brought us together.  I met him a few months after saying that. I cannot believe myself at first, but what can I do?! It's not that I can just pretend that I don't feel anything or whatever. 

And I had the most amazing 1 and a half year of my life. Believe me. I have never thought that it is really possible.  
It was hard though. REALLY HARD. 
Hands down to those who were and still are in this kind of relationship. I admire those people who remained strong no matter how hard it is. 

Valentines, Christmas and Birthdays are the happiest days for almost all of us. But to those who were and still are in a LDR, those days are also the saddest
Have you guys seen the movie, "New Year's Eve? " Do you guys remember Halle Berry's scene there?! OH SHOOT! I cried like a baby when I saw that. So heartbreaking.  
Every time you go to the mall and see people holding hands or eating together, you'll feel jealous cause you cannot do that with the man/woman you love. 

It is hard because those moments that you feel so loved are also the moments where in you'll feel so alone. Those moments where in all you want to do is hug him, kiss him and hold him but you cannot. Because you're 6ooo miles away from him. 

I have learned a lot from my past relationship. 
It made me believe in the saying, "Love moves in mysterious ways." 
I know it's cheesy, but really. I fell inlove with someone I have never met personally. I fell inlove with a man who I talk to every day through emails or on lucky days, through skype.
It really isn't impossible.

I know there's still a lot who thinks bad about the people who are in this kind of relationship. 
Nowadays, it isn't new to see Pinays with Foreigners. And coming from someone who were in that kind of relationship. I just want to let all of you know that it isn't all about the money. I know that's the common thinking of a lot of us. Sadly, there are a few who were in that kind of relationship because of plainly material things. But there are more Pinays who are in that relationship because they fell inlove. 

I might not be as happy as they are now, but I know someone is out there waiting to sweep me off my feet. I still believe in love even after all the heart aches.
I am not afraid to love, because LOVE is such an amazing thing. ♥

So yeah! that's it for now. I just want to share my thought on this with you guys. :) 
NO HATE, okay?! ♥

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  1. Aw, it happened to me also last 2010. Thou it only lasted for almost 3 months, pero it hurts me so badly. I didn't even expect that I will shed some tears when he told me that's it's over. Thou at the very first place, I treated our relationship as a "close friends" rather than lovers. So at the end di ako masasaktan. Pero I am the type of person kasi who easily falls to someone. Not knowing that this guy is babaero pala (filipino din sya) he broke with me for reasoning out that his mom told him to look for another gf who is in Japan (where they currently live). But as time pass by, mabili akong nakamove on. Actually it makes me a better and more matured person. I am not afraid to fall inlove again even if it will be in LDR, but I wanted to make sure that it will not hurt me anymore. :) Just be brave, and don't forget to pray for the right person, pray for the guidance and for sure He will give as the best love story.

  2. I don't believe in LDRs too at first. I think they're too painful and sad. But hey, like what you said, love moves in mysterious ways nga naman.. Hmm. falling in love is like a gamble of feelings. Either you lose or win. But one thing's for sure you gain experience which makes you more mature and wise. LDR can really be challenging...

    You're too strong to endure such kind of love! Kung ako, hindi ko kakayanin yun! I agree with Jenny, always pray for the right person and for guidance! God will surely give you the best one in his own perfect time!

    God bless!

  3. wow. really?! its not easy dba?! even if super malayo kayo sa isat isa... once love hits you. wala na.. you cant avoid it eh.. and yes.. after you break up or whatever, youll learn somethingh from it. yun yung dapat. i try so hard to not be bitter. i dont want to "hate" the person kasi he was once a part of me.. but i cannot say na im ready na to be friends with him. time heals everything, and i still need a lot more time..

    theres nothing wrong naman na masaktan e. im not afraid of that. kasi pain is part of love. if takot ka masaktan, wag ka nlang magmahal ulit. :) thanks you! and yes, right now God is the only one na talaga nakakatulong sakin. I want to believe na he is still wrting my love story :) he's still looking for the best one for me! :) positive ako dyan!

  4. yes it does! ad it hits me when i least expected it... and it really is like a gamble. you really need to take a risk. kasi if you dont, walang mangyayari.. i am not scared to love and be hurt again. kasi its a package e.. :) and it really is super challenging. believe me! hehe. But if you love someone. di mo na maiisip yun sakit.

    thank you! i am actually not that strong before. but the love we had made me a better person. kaya kahit it ended, i am still thankful. :) and yes! sabi ko kay God im not ready yet. but i know naman na in time i will be. and siguro God is still writing the perfect love story dba?! :) hehe thanks!!!



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