Thursday, August 9, 2012

Random: Three Stars and a Sun ♥

Today, I woke up with the sun shining. And the first thing I did was thank God. We've been praying for that since Tuesday. And  finally, it's over! :) 

It has been raining NON- stop for the past few days and that caused a major flooding all over Luzon. Almost 90% of Metro Manila was submerged into flood. I love the rain. But I was scared. Not only for my family, but for my country. It was heartbreaking to see people suffering, to see babies crying. It was really heartbreaking. No matter how bad I want to go out there and help, I can't because it wasn't just raining, it was raining SO HARD! So, the help that I can only give was my prayer. 

CREDITS TO THE OWNER [ I do NOT own the photo ]
But, I believe that there's always brighter side in every tragedy. The "bayanihan" or the act of working as one of us Filipinos, is what I am really proud of. All day, everyday I was on the internet. I was on twitter and facebook almost all the time. I re tweeted, or re posted things that I think very important. I did what I can to at least help. I know it's nothing big but I did what I can. And I feel happy to see other people that were/are still concern for our country. Filipinos or not, they were with us praying. 

I am also amazed on how each and everyone of us, with BIG names or just ordinary people are helping each other. Each and every one of us wants to help to our kababayans who are less fortunate than us. It was just amazing. This tragedy made all of us closer, it actually made our country stronger. I really admire every one who were and still are doing their part to help all those who are in need. "THERE ARE NO EXCUSES." All of us can help in our own little ways.

CREDITS TO OWNER [ I do NOT own the photo ]
I know it's a long process especially to those who were affected with major damages. But we can get through this together. :) Let's us help. and of course let us continue praying for every one's safety. We are one community and in times like this, we don't need negativity and bad vibes.
CREDITS TO OWNER [ I do NOT own the photo ]
Let us all do our share. Let us help those who are in need. And let us continue praying for each every one's safety. And I think we should all start caring for our environment more. I hope we all learn from this. After this tragedy, let us all do our part for us to prevent it to happen again. We should all learn discipline. Discipline in improving waste management and the likes. I hope this one serves as a learning to every one. We should take care of our country, our environment more.

That's it for this post. I just want to share my thoughts on this experience.
Let's all help. I know we all have our own ways. :) 
God Bless us all! ♥

DISCLAIMER: These are my own opinions. And about the title, I don't know. hehe
I just can't think of any appropriate title for this. :P 


  1. It's cool to know that you're doing ok chel... :) godbless! :)

  2. Amen! Indeed! Well said Chel! :) I hope the weather will continue to get better. :)

  3. aww thanks! YES! I hope so too! Rest muna si rain. hehe.



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