Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 2o12 Haul!

I didn't see this coming. HAHA Remember when I told you guys that I'm saving blah blah?!? Well, I am quite failing. GRABE! For the past few weeks I was really REALLY avoiding the mall. AS IN TALAGA! But today Chuchay needed her haircut and at the same time my family and some of my relatives from my mom's side decided to have lunch together. So, we went to SM [ Mall of Asia ] to do those. And I knew it! The moment I stepped on Watsons, its done! hehe. 

Have you guys experienced that? Once you started to buy one stuff, you just can't stop yourself anymore. THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED! Lalo na sa Watsons!!! hehe I admit, I am an impulsive buyer [ most of the time ]. A little bit of sale stalk, then I'll be like YES, SURE, OKAY, I'll get it!  I think I have a serious problem here. hahahaha

ANYWAYS! Enough of the talking. [ nasarapan sa kwento! :D ] 
Let's proceed to my haul, yeah? :) 

So, those are the things I got. 
Muka ba kong nagiipon??!? SERIOUSLY?! :P 

I got 3 things from the brand 4U2. I only wanted to try their powder, but I end up getting 2 more! Congrats to me! hehe And the mirror is free. When you buy 3 products, I think you'll get 1 free mirror. 
Watsons, Mall of Asia ( main mall, beside National Bookstore )

1.4U2 Dreamgirl Faith BB Cream [ Universal Color ] 
I bought this because the lady there "sales talked" me. haha I don't know if that makes sense. She said it's a nice base for the powder and blah blah. We'll see. 
So, I think it is only available in just 1 shade. It retails for Php 184.00 .

2.  4U2 Dreamgirl Lovelight BB Powder [ number 3 ]
Available in 3 shades, I believe. I got it for Php 194.00

3. 4U2 Dreamgirl Together Double blush [ number 4 ]
I bought it because SHE also said it's good. haha 

I think they have 5 different shades. It is Php 194.00 as well. 

And then these are the few other makeup products I got. 
WnW and EB from Watsons, Mall of Asia ( main mall, beside National Bookstore )
Kokuryu and Maybelline from Watsons, Mall of Asia ( Department Store )

4. Wet n Wild Coloricon [ TRIO ] in Walking on Eggshells
I got it for Php 319.00.

5. Ever Bilena Matte lipstick in Mauvey and Love that Red 
[ these are not for me ;) ] 

6. Kokuryu Summer Cake in Sunset Tan 
I got this cause a I heard some good reviews about it. Its cheap and I want to test it out. :) 
Retails for Php 99.00

7. Maybelline Colorsensational in Fifth Ave. Fuchsia
I saw this from thebeautyjunkee. And when I saw it on her, I knew I need to buy it! hehe
It is for Php. 399.00

And then I remembered that I really want to try out the Lory's hair cream thingy, so I went to the other Watsons near the cinema to get it. But I ended up buying a few more stuffs. HOORAY! hehe
Nichido lashes and Fashion 21 lashes and empty cream jars from Watsons, Mall of Asia ( main mall, beside National Bookstore ) 
Nichido sponge from Watsons, Mall of Asia ( Department Store ) 
The rest from Watsons, Mall of Asia ( at the back, near the cinema ) 

8. Nichido tru lashes in Glamorous Lashes in black. 
I seriously didn't know that it costs Php 150.00 until just NOW. 

9. Fashion21 Natural look eyelashes 
They only have 1 design/style. It costs Php 65.00

10. Watsons Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strip
Retails for Php 109.00

11. Mini Razors ( that's not the name, I just made that up. hehe. The words are in japanese form )
This costs Php. 79.75 

12. Lory's Deep Moisturizing hair cream in Fruit Cocktail
They only have 4 "flavors" available there. I was hoping to get the Chocolate one but they don't have it and this is the only on that has a decent smell on it. There's this snake tail/skin thingy and shea butter, and I forgot the other one. 
450 g for Php 185.00

13. Empty Cream Jars
I will use it for a DIY. hehe I bought almost all of them for the BLOG's sake! hehe. 
I got it for Php 79.75

14. Nichido sponge 
I got this for my Kokuryu foundation. I don't even know why I need to bought one! hehe 
It cost me Php 40.00 

15. Solemate shoes ( department store )
Buy 2 pairs for Php 399.75
So, I have another FAIL story for you guys. I am normally size 8 or 8 and a half. I tried the brown one there, and they only have size 9. They look pretty decent. Not too big at all, it looks perfect when I tried it on. And then I looked for a newer pair, cause the one I tried has some little damage. And then the blue floral one is also size 9 and its a perfect fit! 
When I got home, I tried it on and the brown is TOO big for me already! It's impossible. And it made me sad. So, I just gave it to my younger sister who has a bigger size than me. BUMMER!!! 

So, that's it for my UNEXPECTED haul. hehe I enjoyed shopping, YES. But I don't feel good being an impulsive buyer. Sometimes it makes me realize how UNIMPORTANT some of the things I bought are. I still need to learn to control and be wiser. Especially every time I go inside Watsons. There's just something about Watsons that makes me feel like I need to buy something every time I go there. And it isn't good. I really want to kinda change that. 

Do you guys ever feel that too? COMMENT BELOW! Let's chat! :) 

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  1. Nice haul sis! Wow I lab et! hehe ang dami. Naku pareho pala tayo, ako pagnagbabalak pumunta ng Watson's I was like, okay I'ma get hot oil treatment only, but when I arrived there, I spent 600 pesos! hahaha You can't control yourself talaga when it comes to beauty stuff no? Kainis! You love collecting shoes din? Or you love it when it's b1t1? Apir! haha ako din! Oh yeah,I'll wait for your reviews about the 4u2, mura ang bb cream nila ha? I wanted to try the Lorys too, kaso they only have limited variants dito sa watsons samen, I am looking for Skin oil e, for rebonded hair like me. Oh, sorry ang haba ng comments ko. Hehe, REally love all the things you've bought! Have a nice weekend.

  2. hahaha.. yeah!!! it's really impossible to not buy MORE than what you planned. hehe. I just went there to buy the Maybelline lipstick, but as you can see.. I bought WAAAAY MORE than what I expected. hehe. Im not into shoes naman, im more of a bag person.. and di ko rin pinlan na bumili.. but when I saw its sale, i knew i needed to buy a pair. hehe. I have been meaning to try Lory's din ever since, so I just bought it to try it out. :) THANKS! hehe. okay lang mahabang comments! :P You too, have a nice weekend. time to avoid the mall na ulit ang peg ko. hehe

  3. Oh I see you got the kokuryu foundie, hope you do a product review on it.:)

    1. yes, i got it.. cause you were't the first one who recommended it. i have a heard good things about it. and its very cheap, so i got it.. :) I WILL!



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