Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PRODUCT COMPARISON: Revlon Colorstay vs San San Liquid Foundation

If you've been following me ever since I started, maybe you already know that I have a super duper oily skin. As in to the maximum EXTREME level! It is really crazy! It is oily but not so sensitive. 

I tried using different drugstore products that helped me a bit. But I really want to look for a makeup product that will satisfy my needs.

I have tried a few liquid, cream and powder foundations that quite satisfy me. But I still haven't found my HG foundation. 
Here I will show you guys 2 liquid products that I like using as of the moment. These are 2 drugstore products.   They both claim to be very "oily skinned people" friendly. :D 

San San Matte Finish Liquid foundation
                and Revlon Colorstay foundation

San San Matte Finish Liquid Foundation
I got it at HBC for 80 pesos during their sale. 
[ Originally it costs, 132 pesos. ]

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation
I got it from Chedelyn's Cosmetics on FB for Php 550. 
But on Revlon counters it is Php 800+.

REVLON 310 Warm Golden
SAN SAN in No. 03

So, I did a little bit of an "experiment" to see which foundation works better for people with oily skin. :) I took some photos as the day went by. They are both amazing but of course one is better than the other, at some points. 

So, if you want to know which is better... continue reading! ♥

At 1:48 pm, I put on my foundations. The Revlon on the LEFT and the San San on the RIGHT. 

I only used my fingers to apply the foundations on my face. 
I set it with a bit of powder using my Marionnaud Powder Brush. [ EB 3D Compact ]
And then contoured my face and out on a bit of a blush. [ ELF BLUSH AND BRONZER DUO ]

If you guys notice, the RIGHT side of my face is not as matte as the LEFT one. 
For me, the San San doesn't give off super matte finish. After you put it on, it'll leave a bit of dewiness in to your face. It glides on smoothly just like the Revlon one, but it feels a bit sticky. 

Then, after 1 hour I checked my face again and this is how it looks. 

As you can see, the RIGHT side of my face looks a bit shinier than the other one. I can feel the oil seeping through my T-zone and right cheek already. It isn't oily yet though. 

5:42 pm. It has been almost 4 hours already since I applied my foundations. 
And my face definitely looks oily! 

The oil on my LEFT side was starting to build up by that time. You can see the oil seeping through my make up. 
And on the RIGHT side, my face is super oily already. It looks like a frying pan! hehe
BTW, I didn't put any primer. I also didn't use my Oil Eliminator nor my setting spray. 

Then, after another hour. I can already feel that my face looks like a grease ball! So, I checked back and blot my face [ FOR THE FIRST TIME, TODAY ] using my FAVORITE blotting paper. 



I wasn't able to take a nice shot of my face before blotting it. Its super duper gross! 

9:44 After more or less 8 hours, and 1 blotting. Here is how my face looks like. 
It wasn't super oily [maybe] because I blotted it. But I hope you guys can see that the RIGHT side looks oilier than the other. 

Based on this experiment, it is obvious that Revlon Colorstay is better than the San San foundation. BUT San San is also a good product considering its price! 


For the San San Matte Finish foundation in No. 03 

--- It is amazing in spite of its CHEAP price!
--- Good Coverage! light- medium
--- The packaging doesn't look cheap. I think it is made out of glass. 
--- It glides on smoothly into the face. [ even though its sticky ] 
--- It contains Vitamins A, C and E. 
--- It is a good foundation for every day use. Especially during summer days. 
--- You can see the ingredients at the back of the bottle.

- - - It contains PROPYL PARABEN. 
- - - It has this mocha-y scent. It doesn't bother me but it might bother you. 
- - - It claims to have a matte finish but it doesn't have one. 
- - - Its a bit hard to blend. 
- - - After a few hours you can already feel the oil seeping through.
- - - It is a bit sticky even after a few minutes. 
- - - There are only 3 or 4 shades available. 

For the Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation in 301 Warm Golden
- - - Good Coverage! medium to heavy
- - - It glide smoothly on the face as well. 
- - - It doesn't feel sticky or heavy at all. 
- - - It dries up MATTE. 
- - - It lasts long. It says here 24 hours but I don't know about that. But it will last for a good 8 hours. 
- - - It is a good foundation for people with oily skin. 
- - - I believe they have a good variety of shades. 

- - - It is a bit expensive. Php 800++ 
- - - It has no pump or anything. That's why you cannot control the product that much. And its a bit messy. 
- - - It also has a smell. But not as strong as the San San one. Its tolerable, for me. 
- - - You can't see the ingredients. 

SO, that's my review/experiment on this 2 liquid foundations. I think the both of them are amazing products. BUT I think I would love to use Revlon more if I want my foundation to last longer, especially for people who have oily skin like me. :) 
It works best when you use a good primer and a setting powder/spray. 

Will I repurchase?
YES. This is actually my 2nd bottle of the San San foundation. And the Colorstay, maybe I will. I am still on a hunt for a good foundation that is HG material. :) 

Will I recommend? 
YES! I recommend them both. Our weather is CRAZY! And these 2 product MIGHT work for you as well. If you're looking for a good but cheap every day foundation, the San San might work for you. But if you're looking for a long lasting foundation that won't make you look like a grease ball, I recommend the Revlon Colorstay. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my mini experiment. hehe 
If you have any requests, questions or suggestions. Feel free to message me. ♥


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  1. Hi chel! Try using powder type foundations because they work better for your skin type, liquid and cream foundations are better for dry skin... :) Try Kokuryu summer cake in orange blush if it would work for you, i think you could buy it in sm dept, dont know if its available in watsons though... and also to help in lessening oil, try garniers light complete, it gives a matte finish for oily skin types... :)

    1. Thanks for the suggestion. But powders tend to look cakey on me. The colorstay works well for me though..esp when i use primer and setting powder. Garnier dont work for me though.hehe

    2. Hi chel, good comparison! Really like your post, I haven't tried both of them, but I really wanted to try the Revlon, tho it's a bit pricey for me. Anyway you can followed my blog, just keep on scrolling down on my blog and you'll find the "Join this site" button. Thanks!

    3. Hi jenny! thanks! you can get the Revlon colorstay on some online stores for 5oo+ pesos.. compared to its price on the mall.

      And sure! i will do that. :) thanks!

  2. I've tried Revlon colorstay but too bad it's not for me I have oily, acne prone, and sensitive skin it makes my nose runny, make my eyes tear, and it make my skin really itchy sighhh and it's really pricey we bought it on a department store which cost Php 800+(−_−;)

    And sometimes I pity my self for having this kind of skin, I really having a hard time looking for a good foundation that suits my skin.

    I wish san san liquid foundation is okay for my skin because I use san san 2way cake foundation and it's really good I use the dark blue one because the light blue compact makes my skin cakey and I think that's the one you bought, try the dark blue one it doesn't make my skin cakey I promise because when the dark blue one got sold here in hbc I have no choice but to buy the light blue one and it's make me cakey that I feel horrible that I end up removing it while I'm on the bus geezzzzzz that's really embarrassing (>人<;)

    The dark blue one has a good coverage for me but it doesn't last long so I need to retouch it. I wish san san doesn't irritate my skin and hahah I didin't know that its a foundation I always skip it and look for the compact one (^◇^)

    Thanks for the review I'll try it and it's not really pricey (・ω・)ノ

    *wait I end up giving a review on your comment box xD*

  3. Some online stores sell this for PhP500+? Awesome! Thanks for the tip!



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