Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 4 - Something you are OCD about.

Day 4 - Something you are OCD about

I don't think I am OCD or something. I am actually a pretty messy person. :D But I do clean my little makeup/beauty/laptop area almost every night. I don't consider that OCD though. I just clean it or arrange it cause I mess it up every day. 

I can consider sanitizing my own makeup 2-4 times a week [ sometimes even 5-6 ]as an OCD-ish thing though. 
There are weeks that I do it once or twice but sometimes I just feel like doing it more than that. I even do it twice every time I sanitize it. Just to make sure. :D
I don't think I am obsessed though. LOL I don't even know how many times I should do it
 [ technically. ] I just have this feeling that I need to do it as much as I can.

That is it! I hope you guys are enjoying this challenge thing. hehe
It is quite a challenge! Even if I feel lazy, I know I need to do this. :D

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*philippine residents only*

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  1. haha! wow.. you always santize you make up everytime you use them and I never even did that to my own babies! haha although when it comes to my brushes, I pay extra attention... I always try to wash them 3 times a week just to be sure... :)

  2. yes. hehe. and me, i am TOO lazy to wash my brushes. hehe. swerte na yun once a week :P

  3. we're kinda like on the opposite of things anu, pero one thing's for sure-we LOOOVE make up! ;) Congrats on your giveaway sis! :)

  4. I'm both lazy in cleaning up my cosmetics and brushes.. Eeeek. Hahaha. I think you are OCD for sanitizing your makeup 2-4 times a week (kung ikaw lang naman gumagamit ng makeup mo) Hehehe. Ang sipag!

  5. Ang sipag naman sis, ako once a month ata ako magsanitze ng make-up at brushes... ewww... nakakahiya... haha at dahil dyan aking nilinis ang aking collection ng false lashes... haha un kasi madalas ko gamitin... hehe

  6. Youre def not OCD! You're just very neat, organized and hygienic! And I approve of it!! :) Thanks for the tips on sanitizing makeup btw!

    ShariThe Misty Mom
    PS - Will be having a BIG GIVEAWAY soon! Do follow if you wanna be updated about it:)

  7. hahaha... ako super duper lazy when it comes to washing my brushes. i sanitize them once in a while but i dont really wash them that often. :D i think so too! hehe. i dont know why though.

  8. hehehe.. ako sa brushes super tamad. :D i dont use falsies kasi i dont know how. :D :P

  9. Haha, that might be a little OCD... just a little... anyways, thanks for dropping by my blog earlier :) Following back!

  10. haha! I think so too.. I dont know but it seems normal for me. :D Youre welcome! THANKS!

  11. I love this kind of stuff! Fab post, thanks for sharing love!
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  12. aww im glad you liked it! you're welcome dear!
    I followed your blog too! ♥



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