Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 5 - Your Dream House

Day 5 - Your Dream House

It was pretty hard looking for my "dream" house. First because I have my own personal picture of my dream house inside my head that I cannot see on any website or whatever. And second, I have tones of dream houses. But these 2 photos are the ones that can describe what I want. 

I want something that over looks a mountain or a lake. I want something with a "rest house" feel. I want that relaxing, nature vibe. I want a pool and a jacuzzi over looking the nature. I don't want a house made of glasses or the modern house look. I want something classic or traditional. I want a place where in it feels homey but at the same time you can have fun without the need to go out. 
That's what I want. Without thinking about the money and all. My BIG, not so possible dream. HAHA

But if I were to check in with reality, all I want is a simple traditional house. 
I don't want it to be very big. I just want something big enough for a small family that I have been dreaming of. I would love to have a cute little pool of my own though. :D


Love ya'all! ♥


  1. wow. a seriously glamorous house for a seriously glamorous lady! :)

  2. aww. hehe thank you!!!! :) yeah thats my bonggang dream pero in reality im okay with a simple house as long as im with people i love. :)

  3. Oh wow gorgeous houses maybe one day I will live in one of those houses. Absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. hehe yes! everything is possible! :)

  5. the thrifty challengeSeptember 6, 2012 at 5:41 AM

    My dream house would have a pool like that too!! very beautiful!

  6. yes! that pool is gorgeous, huh?! :)
    thanks for dropping by my blog, Lisa dear! ♥



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