Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September Lovin : Introduction

Hi everyone! :) I am sorry I'm not posting enough beauty posts the past few days. I am just a little busy with school work and my giveaways. But I promise I will try my best to make  it up to everyone. As I have mentioned before, this month is a special month for me. I always feel giddy every time I think about September. Start of Christmas season ( Filipinos celebrate it the longest! ) , Birthday month, and a lot of exciting things are bound to happen. And one of the many exciting things that I am really looking forward to is a collaboration with 2 gorgeous ladies. ♥

Now, let me introduce to you guys my 2 lovely "blogger" sisters. 

* Michelle Magramo of Micmic's Corner
26|Filipina|Beauty Blogger

She posted her very first blog post last year, month of April. I met her when I was just starting back in June. She was very nice and friendly. She was one of the first few people who really supported me and who is willing to help me in anything when it comes to blogging.

I thought she was a snob. When I first saw her picture, I really thought she's not nice. I thought she's one of those bloggers who THOUGHT that they are better than all those new ones. BUT she isn't! She is a gorgeous, awesome lady. I would love to keep her as a friend, forever. ♥

GO visit her blog! She blog about beauty, makeup and anything actually. 

*Iya Boto of From Nails to Makeup
 20|Filipina|Beauty Blogger

Her very first post was about nail polishes. It was posted last September 2011.
I met her through my FB page when she joined one of my giveaways. She was very friendly and polite. I remember her because she really comments on my posts and talk on me fb. And then we became blogger friends. She was and still is super nice. 

I thought she was younger than me. I look older than her diba?! I thought she was the shy and quiet type of girl. But she isn't shy at all. And she doesn't have any reason to be shy! She is really cute and pretty. Beautiful girl, inside and out. ♥

Check her blog out! She blogs about everything about beauty. 

So, for the month of September my ate, Michelle of Micmic's Corner and the cutie, Iya of From nails to makeup and yours truly, All about being Glam planned some few interesting stuffs. Stay tuned awesome people! ♥

September Lovin' : Introduction
Micmic's Corner's post HERE
From nails to makeup's post HERE

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  1. aww so excited for your posts! :) chos lang sana nakasama ako dito hahaha! :))

  2. HAHAHA!! Yeah Nicole sana kasama ka.. LOL! Madame pa next time! Right Chel?:)

  3. hahaha.. naku ang dami pang months! we can do something din in the next couple of months! DONT WORRY! :) All of us can do it! hehe.

  4. yes! you're right! :) we just tried this one if it will click! naku all of you who wants to do something with us or me, just go! tell us! hehe. we can do it for the next couple of months! :)

  5. Haha which photo ba? Baka brows ko dun masyadong mataas. Anyways, excited na ako! :)

  6. There will always be a next time. But we can plan it out asap. :)

  7. hehe. no! your features really look mataray and maarte hahaha. :D

  8. i am excited for more participants! :)

  9. how fun! love beauty blogs!

    have a great night! drop by and say hi!

  10. aw thanks! and i just did.. followed you! ♥ thanks for dropping by again. :)

  11. Hi! So nice to discover your blog :)

  12. Hi! THANKS YOU! I was just exploring your blog this morning. hehe. But I dont know how to follow through tumblr. :(

  13. You can subscribe via email (right sidebar) :) followed you back in twitter so I'll be updated with your posts :)

  14. through rss ba?! hehe sorry.. tumblr isnt idiot friendly eh. hehe

  15. Under "never miss a thing" sa sidebar, input your email address lang. Heehee :)

  16. hahaha okay okay. :D sorry! :P memorize ko lang yun site mo. hehe



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