Thursday, July 5, 2012

HOW TO: Sanitize your makeup

We all know how important it is to clean your brushes regularly. Well, you should clean not only your brushes BUT your makeup as well! I know! I KNOW! I also found it weird the first time I heard it. I was like, "HOW CAN YOU CLEAN YOUR MAKEUP?!??" 

So, I did my research. People sanitize their makeups to avoid infections or transferring of germs. Not only MUA do it! People who use makeup on a daily basis or us, beauty lovers, should be more aware of how we should take good care of our makeup products, and of ourselves. 

It is! Overtime, your makeup builds bacteria. Whether you share it with people or not, you;re still at risk on having infections, allergies and BREAK OUTS! We don't want any of that, right?!  

It is super easy to sanitize your beauty products. I have read about sanitizing wipes or cleaners that are specially made for beauty products. BUT those are super expensive! Some are even more expensive than the makeup itself. So that is crazy! 
I use an ordinary alcohol with 70% solution! It is way cheaper than those sanitizing products!

And here is how I do it! :) 

For pressed powders including blushes, eye shadows, bronzer, highlighters and powder foundations. 

What I do is first I wipe the surface with a clean tissue paper. 
[ Some people scrape off the surface but I don't think its necessary if you only use your product for yourself. ] 
And then I just spray a few spritz of alcohol on it and let it air dry for a few seconds to 2 minutes. 

For lipsticks.

I spray a few spritz of alcohol on it and just wipe the whole lipstick bullet gently with a clean tissue. I also like spraying alcohol on the lid. And I let it [ lipstick and lid ] air dry for a few seconds. 
[ Again, some people suggest or do scrape off some products, but I don't like doing it. ] 
Another way to sanitize your lipstick is dipping it on the alcohol. Just get a clean empty jar, pour some alcohol and just dip the lipstick in there ( you can also do it with liners. )

For eye liners and pencil liners, or any other liners you have. 

Again, I spray a few spritz of alcohol on the whole pencil, the tip and the body itself. Then, I sharpen it and spray a few spritz again on the pencil and the lid as well. After that, I just let it air dry. 

You can also sanitize your cream and mousse products. 
[ I forgot to take a picture of it. ]
But you can do the same thing. Spray some alcohol. If you want, you can scrape off the surface or wipe it with a clean tissue or cotton ball. And then, just let it air dry.  

FYI: You let the products AIR DRY for a few seconds to let the alcohol evaporate. 
Alcohol evaporates faster than water so after a few seconds you will see that your products are not wet anymore. 

After letting everything air dry. 

I like cleaning the package of my makeup too. 
I spray it with alcohol and wipe them tissue. :)

*You don't need to worry about the consistency or color payoff after sanitizing your makeups, cause alcohol won;t damage your product. You will see get the same color payoff, and the same consistency after doing this.
I have been sanitizing my products for a few months now, and I never experience my products drying or whatever. 

*Unfortunately, you cannot sanitize mascaras, wand concealers or lip gloss. What can you do to avoid bad reactions is never share it with other people. AND always avoid double dipping! [ IT'S HARD! I KNOW! ] 

*You can also spray your brushes with alcohol before and after using them. 

*Make sure to wipe off your makeup area or where you put your makeup everyday to remove dusts and dirt. 


For any questions or anything you want to share, comment it below. :) 
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  1. Very helpful. I really learned a lot. Thanks for this post. :)

    1. yey! im glad it helped you! you are so welcome ate! :)

  2. very informative, will do this asap hehe :)

    1. thanks! yes you should, we all should! :)

  3. Hindi ba nasisira ang lippies pag issprayan ng alcohol sis?

  4. nope1 wala naman akong nakikitang change after i do it. :) and i have been doing it for months now.. mga once a week. :)



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