Friday, July 6, 2012

PILLOW TIME: Top 3 Pet Peeves

So, I wanted to post random stuffs in here. Personal stuffs, rants or just anything. :)
I can't think of any other name to call it or whatever, so we will call it PILLOW TIME FRIDAY! YEY!!! hehe

You can email me or FB me any suggestion or questions that you want me to answer or talk about on our Pillow Time Friday. And every last Friday of the month, I will pick one topic or question and talk about it! :) The sender of the topic that will be chosen will receive a little gift from me. ♥ Do you guys like the idea? :) [ comment down below! ]

So, anyways. For my first pillow time, I will talk about my top 3 PET PEEVES!
YES! There's a lot of petty stuffs that irritates me easily. I don't know why though!
But I am trying to be more patient and calmer now. hehe. OKAY! So, here are my Top 3! :)

1] Girls who have BRIGHT eyeshadow with BRIGHT lipstick. And girls who wear BLUSH, a little too much...

Isn't it sexy? LOL
I have seen TONS of girls who wears blue FLAT blue eyeshadow, super mega blush and a bright red orange lipstick. And it just irritates me. I am not an expert or anything. BUT come on! Before going out of your house, make sure to check yourself first in the mirror. Look if you put a little too much blush or eye shadow. Check if your lipstick is a bit too much or whatever. Just make sure that you look normal. 

2] People who loves cutting into the line... [ sumingit

You will experience this on LRT or MRT most of the time. People who can't wait for their turn! I always experience this on LRT. And graaabeee lagi akong napapaaway! Those people that even if it isn't too crowded will cut you in or push you for them to get inside. NAKAKALOKA! I really really hate it when people do that. AAH! Just thinking about makes me mad! hehe

3] People who bumps at you because they're not looking, and not saying sorry...

Every time we are at the mall, especially when there's a lot of people in the mall, I always experience this. And I swear, nataas agad presyon ko! hehe

There was this time when we were walking, and then there's this group of girls who accidentally bumped my shoulder because they're talking and laughing... nang hindi nakatingin sa dinadaanan nila! And then nag-OUCH ako then I blurted, SORRY AH
And then the girl even looked at me from head to toe. THE NERVE dba?!!! So, I also looked at her [ with matching tass ng kilay ] Then girl number 2 said sorry and pulled her friend.  I said, "Fine. But make sure next time tumingin kayo sa dinadaanan nyo ah." Then me and my friend left. 

I am not mean! Believe me, I'm nice! hehe But once you showed me a bad side of you, ay! Better make sure that you're ready for what I can do. I am nice to those people who are nice to me. :) 

SO, that's my top 3 pet peeves. I have more though. hehe. But yeah, those are the top 3 that makes my blood boil. ( BOIL TALAGA?!?! hehe ) I hope you guys loved this random post. I hope you guys will suggest or ask me questions. :)  
I want to do this for us to get to know each other more. And for you guys to get to know me in a more personal level. :)

What are your pet peeves? Share it down below! ♥  

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  1. Ayoko din ng mga sumisingit sa line. Nakakainis! Parang hindi nag-aral. Hahaha.

  2. true! hehe i have to agree.. its one of my major pet peeve talaga. :)



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