Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day and Night Makeup [ collaboration with Micmic's Corner. ]

DAY and NIGHT Makeup look! ♥

vampire?! :D 
Ms. Michelle Magramo of Micmic's Corner, and I became friends through facebook. I believe she started her blog last year and I am still new at it. She is super nice. I actually featured her on my Trail of Kindness Tag. [ HERE ] So, click that if you want to see more of how we became friends. :) Her channel is

So, last week we talked about "collaborating" in doing one makeup look. Since we both aren't that experienced yet, we settled for the easiest one. A day makeup look. :) But as the days passed by, we came up with a few ideas and ended up doing a DAY and NIGHT look. :) 

This is her version. And you can see her post here.
Visit her! She has awesome posts and you'll definitely love her. :) 

And here is my version of the DAY and NIGHT makeup look.  ♥

But before that, here is a before shot of my face. I am not too confident about this, but whatevs! hehe 

look how crazy my eyebrows are there! hehe.
I cleaned it up already after that photo though :D 

I don't have a perfect skin or a pretty face. :D But whatever! I want you guys to see how I look BEFORE and AFTER putting makeup on.
Haters gonna hate! :) 

For the DAY look, here are the products I used. 

I made it simple.
For my face, I only used a foundation with a not so thick coverage. I put on a bit of concealer on the areas that needed to be concealed. Then, I just put on a little bit of blush too.
For my eyes, I didn't put on any eye shadow. I just lined it [ thinly ] with my black liner. And then I put on a little bit of white liner on my tear ducts,
 then I just dabbed it on with my finger. I curled my lashes and put on my favorite mascara! 
For my lips I used my HG lip balm to moisturize it. And then I used two pretty lipsticks, and I am good to go! :) 

This is actually a super simple everyday makeup that you can wear at school, office or even when you're just running some errands. :) 

Here are some other shots I took.

For the NIGHT look. 

It is another simple makeup look. But I used a different foundation. 
I used a cream one for a thicker coverage. I also used my concealer generously for a smoother, more flawless look. I didn't use too much blush because I used a super red matte lipstick. 
For my eyes, I used NYX Jumbo pencil in milk on my lids and then I dabbed on a very shimmery white eye shadow on the center of my lids. Then, I lined it with the same liner I used during the day. But I lined it thicker than the usual. I put on False Lashes to make my eyes look more dramatic.
[ This is my SECOND time to put on falsies. It took me 30 minutes to do that! hehe  I put it on just for the sake of the look.] 
I curled my real lashes and falsies together, and then I put on a mascara. Then, I am ready to rock and roll! :) 

It is another simple makeup look. You can wear on date nights or even when you want to go clubbing with your friends. Simple but very classy looking! :) 

Some other shots I took. 

So that's my DAY AND NIGHT Makeup look. :) 
I used very affordable but high quality drugstore makeups.

I am a NO PRO with eye shadows or with makeups! NA AH! I am not an expert. 
I still need to learn A LOT! But I hope you guys loved the looks. And please, do try it!
I would love to see your version of Day and Night look. ♥ Post it on my FB page if ever you guys try it! :) 

If you guys want me to list all the products I used. Please comment down below :) 
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  1. Those are the lip colors I can't rock!

    1. nako ate! you just have to look for a perfect shade of red para sayo! you are so pretty kaya! and nga pala, for some reason i can't send my comment sa post mo. maybe yun connection ko.

      maybe scarlet will look good on you. di bagay sakin yun e. hehe

    2. inupdate ko kasi e. nilagay ko yung disqus.

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