Thursday, June 28, 2012

TAG: Trail of Kindness

-A way to show the power of kind words and how strong they can be
-Strengthen Positive community
-A way to encourage each other with kindness and positivity
-Brighten a friends day
-Positive words can leave a trail that can be traced back but also continues to move forward and engage and connect with others

1) If you are the person that I choose to shower with positivity, kind words, encouragement then you will be encouraged to pay this kindness forward

2) You make a blog post explaining "What this tag is"

3) You pick your person you want to "shower" with kindness. Pick 1 - 2 persons/blog.

4) You talk about your chosen person and what you admire about them, why they inspire you, give them words of encouragement, kindness, positivity

5) Then you encourage that person to continue the Trail of Kindness Tag and choose someone to "pay it forward" to with positive words.

6) List who chose you and also who you choose. That way we can easily follow the trail forward and back =)

7) Make sure you copy everything that explains this tag and paste it into YOUR post as well.
P.S. If you feel like starting your own trail of kindness, then I encourage you to go ahead and start your own trail :)
A couple of months ago, I saw this tag on you tube and I think it was a pretty awesome idea. :) 
Every body loves receiving compliments or just anything positive that other people say to them. But sometimes, we don't really show or tell other people how much we appreciate them, or how good they are. We are hesitant to say what we feel even if the things we want to say are good. 
We forget that those people, a lot of people needs or wants to hear positive things about them as much as we do. 

 So, this tag is basically about sharing positivity to one another, and just spreading kindness. 
I think this is a perfect way to start a more positive "blogging" community. :)  
I am not sure if this tag already happened on blogger or not. But no matter what, I want to start this trail to add positivity to everyone! :) 
There are a few people that I want to choose for this tag, but I am tagging Micmic's Corner  [ her blog here ] 
and the one that really inspired me to blog, Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero [ her blog here ]
credits to
Miss Michelle Magramo of Micmic's Corner is my first ever "ate" from the blogging community. She is so nice and so supportive. I am new to blogging but she is welcoming me warmly. I appreciate all the kind words and the nice things she always tell me. She encourages me to just do whatever I want to do. We don't know each other personally, yet. But I would love to get to know her better. :) 
She is just super nice and super genuine. 
I asked her if I can call her ate and she agreed even if we don't know a lot about each other yet.
She have a dog as well. And we have the same names too! ♥ 
Ate just continue doing what you're doing. And I hope we could get to know each other more. :)  Thanks for being so nice and supportive. It really means a lot to me. Continue being nice to every one and just being who you are. :) Thanks for all the encouragement! Keep up what you're doing. And as you said, Dreams do come true! ♥

If anyone of you isn't a subscriber or follower of her blog. Go follow her! She has a nice blog. :) And she is a nice person!  

credits to
 And Miss Say, the famous saytiocoartillero in youtube.  
I think a lot of you already know her because she's amazing. I believe she started as a blogger as well, and look at where she is now. :)
She really is my inspiration why I started blogging. She is awesome and super nice. And she's so down to earth. She achieved a lot already but still, she remains the same. 
I love how dedicated she is on doing the thing she like. I just admire her for being who she is. 
I would love to meet her and maybe, be friends with her. ♥
Ate Say, a lot of people admire you for who you are and for what you achieved. Please don't stop inspiring people. And continue being nice to everyone. Thanks for inspiring me to do what I want to do. Keep it up! And I'm so happy for all the blessing that are coming you're way. ♥ 

If anyone of you isn't a subscriber or follower of her, which I DOUBT! :) Go follow her! She's awesome! 

To the both of you, please continue this trail of kindness I started. Its a small thing but it'll mean a lot to me, and to the person/people you guys will be choosing. :) 
Let's start spreading positivity and kindness to this community. ♥
follow the trail: ( please update as it moves forward)
allaboutbeingglam - Michelle
*Micmic's corner [ Michelle Magramo ] and Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero [ Say Artillero ]

DISCLAIMER: This isn't an original idea. I got it here. I saw the video a couple of months ago. 



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