Friday, June 29, 2012

FAVORITES: June 2o12

I cannot believe that June is almost over! Its so surreal how fast time flies! It is crazy, right? 
But well, July is fast approaching and I can't wait for the many things that will be happening for the next few months. :) More blog posts, more new friends, and more giveaways! ;) hehe

Anyways, June is about to end and I figured that it will be fun to share with you the things I'm currently LOVING. :) There are a few stuffs that I'll be sharing with you guys that probably you already heard from me...well, most of them actually. hehe

Well enough of the talking, let's get started! ♥

1. Don't Sweat the Small Stuff...and it's all small stuff book by Richard Carlson

This book, is amazing! One of the best inspirational book out there. I love this book. It made my outlook in life so much better. I RECOMMEND IT! ♥
I will be posting a few chapters and insights on this book on my other blog. :) [ You can click the LIFE tab up there! ] 

2. Victoria's Secret Hydrating Body Lotion in Love Spell and Refreshing Body Mist in Love Spell

These products smells GOOD! I am not good in describing smell, but it says here that it has, Cherry Blossom, Peach and White Jasmine. It smells sweet, but not too sweet. It has this flower-y + fruit-y smell that isn't too nauseating or something. I don't personally like flower scented cologne, I am more on the fruity sweet side. But this one, is really good! :) 

The lotion I use it at night, and I love how my body smells after I put it on. And the cologne smells the same, I use it when it's hot outside, cause it makes me smell really fresh. :) 

3. Tea Tree Water toner from Lush

This is so refreshing on the skin. I use this before I put makeup on and after I wash my face at night. 
My in depth review on this product soon. :) 

4. Loreal Hydrafresh Anti Shine Gel

I have been using this product for a year now. This is my 3rd jar of it and I think that only show how much LOVE I have for this product. :) 
I have an oily skin and that sucks. But this product helps my face feel refreshed and moisturized. I love that it has this minty cool feel when you apply it. And it doesn't make your face more oily through out the day. I love it! :) 

5 Ever Bilena Advance 3D Compact Powder in Dark Baked Fusion

This surprised me. When I started using makeup, I used to use EB products. And they just broke me out or made my face look EXTRA oily. I bought this product a few months ago but haven't used it since this month. I started using this and my Fanny Serrano foundation again when I ran out of my MAC SF. I didn't buy a new MAC because I want to use the products I have instead of buying. 
And this stuff is good. I like it. It sets my cream foundation really well and so far, I'm not experiencing any breakouts from this. So far, so good! :)

6 Krave's Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator 

This is amazing! I LOVE love this product! 
When I first got it, I wasn't expecting so much from it, but when I get to try it. AAH! I was like, "They are all super right!"  hehe
People has been RAVING about this product and well, I will also! SOON! hehe :) 

7 ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder

I love this product soooo much! I have been using it for years and I still love it. 
I only use the bronzer though, I use it to contour. I don't know why I haven't use the blush one yet. 
Review, soon! :) 

Nichido GNO eyeliner in Deep blonde [ for my eyebrows ] 

I own this stuff for a couple of months now but I haven't really used it. I just don't like how brown liners don't really make any difference on my eyes. But I started using this for filling my eyebrows with the help of my IN2IT eyebrow colour.
It makes filling my eyebrows easier for me. :) 

9 IN2IT Waterproof Gel Liner in very black

I am obsessed with this baby! ENOUGH SAID! ♥
Review here!

10 Loreal Voluminous False Lashes Mascara 

I heard about this from ItsJudyTime and she raved about it. So when I saw it on the bazaar last month, I didn't think twice and I bought it. And it didn't disappointed me. I love this so much! It really is an amazing mascara. 
I will be reviewing this as well, soon. :) 

11 ELF Professional Powder brush

I love this brush! I use this to apply my cream foundation, my blush and to set my face with powder. Its a multi functional brush which is super sturdy and super amazing. It is very affordable, and I love it! :) 

12 FX Heat Memory Flat Iron Spray

This product helps flat ironing easier! I love how smooth it  makes my hair. And how it leaves my hair shiny after I iron it. It also holds my hair in place through out the day.
I might review this also. hehe :) 

13 Extra Virgin Olive Oil  

I will review this and talk about this more in the coming days, But I use this product as a makeup remover and for exfoliation at the same time. This product can be used for dry skin and a lot more! :) 

14 Earrings from the Superb Bazaar

I have been using this a lot this past month. I love how simple but classy it looks. 
I got it for 75 pesos from the bazaar I went to last May. Its just gorgeous. :) 

15 Carmex Lip Balm [ which I reviewed here ]
I forgot to take a photo of it. hehe sorry! 

So those are my favorites for the month of June! ♥
And thank you guys so much, especially to those people who really reads and supports my blog and my fb page. I love talking and meeting new people, so if you feel like talking don't hesitate to approach me. :) THANKS GUYS! Please continue supporting ans sharing my blog to everyone! ♥ 

And, last day of my giveaway! HERE
So please join and share this to everyone you know! :) 


  1. I was looking for a good book :) Magkano yung book na 'to sis? And I love the earrings! Simple pero classy <3 xx,

  2. 399 ata.. I forgot na the exact price e.. oh. I love it too! I am not big on earrings, I use one lang for a long time ganun..hehe simple lang ako..i dont wear accessories that much.

  3. Have you tried yung feather earrings! Feeling ko cute kaso baka hindi bumagay sakin :D Anyway, sa National Bookstore yan sis?

  4. yes! I have a few! hehe. :) last year kasi super uso dba?! hehe :)

    yes! national bookstore! meron ding dont sweat the small stuff for women, for love ganun ganun. super cute! :)

  5. Gusto ko yang for love, for love na yan :) Hahaha!

    Iniisip ko bumili. Try ko isa. Sana bumagay :)

  6. hehe. yes! :)

    yes go! :) i have a red one, yellow..and meron din ako nun ear cuffs. hehe I will try to look for a photo na may ganun ako :)

  7. Yay! Thank you! Post mo sis please? :) I want to seeeeee. :)))

  8. yun sa ear cuffs lang nakita ko. :)

    pero when i got home try ko maghanap ng ibang pics. :)



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