Sunday, July 1, 2012


First of all, THANK YOU to every one who supported this giveaway and of course, my new blog. :) I really really appreciate every good luck, every thank you's and requests... I appreciate all the support especially to those who really took time to talk to me and all. :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ♥ I hope you guys will continue supporting me. I am looking forward to questions, comments and suggestions. And of course, to more new friends!
And also, I want to thank Ate Eunice of Kering-keri store. I know almost everyone found my fb page through her. Thanks ate! THANKS TALAGA!!! :) LOVE YOU! ♥ --super speech? haha.  

Enough of the drama!!! hehe 
So, here are the 26 people who got in. [ starstruck?! :D ] 

CONGRATULATIONS to.... ♥ [ doog doog..doog doog *heartbeating* ] 

The winner of the first set is... :)

NUMBER 22.. Ms. Elinor Semira

And for the 2nd one. The winner is... :)

NUMBER 4.. Ms. Angela Pauline Calimag

YEY! ♥ Congrats girls! I will send you a message on your facebook page. And you guys need to confirm within 48 hours. 

And to those who didn't win... PLEASE continue supporting me. And this isn't the last. You'll never know, maybe anytime soon I'll have another one. :) Thanks guys for joining! 
I love you all! ♥ 


  1. WOW! Its the first time I won in a giveaway! Thank you sis! :) <3 God Bless!

    1. You are welcome, dear! Thanks for joining! Please continue supporting my blog! :)



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