Saturday, June 16, 2012

First ever giveaway! :) RE POSTED! *CLOSED!

JOIN!!! I changed and made the mechanics easier! :) 

soooo.. i posted this giveaway a few days ago. but then i checked back yesterday and no one entered. it made me sad a little bit, BUT i'm still doing it! :) i will make it a bit easier and i'm changing a few mechanics.... i hope you guys will enter! :) I would love it!

Hi guys! :) As I promised, I will be hosting my first ever giveaway to kinda "kick off" my blog. 

And YES, it is happening NOW! YEY!!! :) 
It isn't a super huge giveaway, but its special for me cause I personally love this product. :) I love a lot of products from this drugstore brand. So, I really hope that you guys would enjoy this. 
And I'm pretty sure that this isn't the last. :)

So, enough of the talking. Let's talk about how YOU can get a chance to win! :)
Here are the mechanics...

1. Like my fb page : AND Kering-keri store's page :

Then post this as your status. "I want to win @allaboutbeingglam and @keingkeristore's ELF giveaway here: " 

 [ Please make sure to tag our pages! :) ] and then tag 5 of your friends as well. 

2. Message me on facebook your FULL NAME , LOCATION and FB URL with your answer to this: Why do you want to win ELF products?  
and additional question  WHAT TOPIC WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON MY SITE? 

* I will choose 2 winners through And then I will randomly select what price will go to who. :)

The giveaway will end at exactly 11:50 pm, June 30, 2012. 
After 11:50 pm, the entries that will be sent won't be counted anymore. 

And for the pricessss.....
First thing I will be giving away is this ELF 5 piece eye set. :)

The things inside are:
1. the 6 eye shadow palette
2. a sponge applicator
3. eyelid primer
4. a mascara
5. eye liner

And for the 2ND PRICE... 
 you will get ELF products as well....
1. ELF powder brush

2. ELF liquid eyeliner 
3. ELF brightening eye color in IVY
4. ELF eyelid primer
5. ELF lash curler

( for the photos CREDITS TO KERING-KERI STORE's FB ) 
I will take a photo of the prices whenever I get it. :) 
If you have time do check out this store. Eunice is the seller and she is the best! She is very nice and accommodating. I had a loooot of questions for her but she's very patient with her customers. :) I LOVE HER! hehe ♥ THANKS SIS! :) 

Goodluck and I hope you enjoy this giveaway! :) 

Thanks guys! ♥



  1. I just Joined your Giveaway :)
    Hope to win!

  2. Followed your blog. Please follow mine too. :)

    BTW, I joined na rin. :)

    1. I followed yours too. :) thanks you!
      please continue sharing my page. :)

  3. Name: Carolyn Ong
    Location: Quezon City
    FB Post:

    I want to win Elf products because I love make-ups. I would like to see topics about hair care and products.

    1. hi dear! please send this message to my fb page... i cant count you in if you dont. :) thanks!



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