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Review : [ 4U2 Series ] dreamGirl Together Double Blush

Here I am again for my 4U2 "mini" series. hehe I just made that up. But yeah, this is going to be the last product that I will be reviewing from the dreamGirl collection.
[ BB Cream review HERE. BB Powder review HERE. ]

I am not a blush person. I don't really mind if it's cheap or not, as long as it adds color to my cheeks it's all good. I pretty much use the same blush for a few months already, and I am fine with that. I can totally control myself when it comes to blushes. But when I bought the BB Powder from 4U2, the SA recommended this blush. This was the only shade available at that moment because all the other shades were already sold out. And this piece is pretty much the last one. So, I said okay. I got it! [ impulsive buyer, yeah?! Who can relate? :P ]

And the blush that I am talking about is the...
4U2 dreamGirl Together Double Blush

"Stunning color combinations for Formal or Fun. Micro fine for Easy On. Long Lasting. Be a dreamGirl! "

 Of course, just like the BB powder, it comes in a cute tiny packaging that makes it "kikay kit" friendly. It won't eat up a lot of space because its really compact. 
It also came with a mini blush brush that is really soft, but I never really use that.

I honestly don't know how many shades they have but mine is in No. 04. 
You get 2 blushes, in one. Good deal! :) 


Here are the swatches on my fingers. Sorry, I forgot to swatch it at the back of my hand. 
The number 1 is the mix of the two blushes. Number 2 is the darker shade and the third one is, obviously, the lightest.
The lightest is a bit frosted, I think. And also have shimmers on it. The darker one have more shimmer than the lightest. When you mix them together, it turns out super pretty.
It will make your skin look "glowing."

And again, just like the other 2 products, the ingredients and other important details are on the packaging as well.

Let us now proceed to the PROS and CONS, shall we?! 

-- I like the color! Orange-y peach-y colors really compliments morena or dark skintones. 
-- I love that it's really soft and smooth. When you touch it, the texture is really amazing. 
-- I love that its a "2-in-1" blush. You can use any of the two or mix them together. 
-- It will leave a soft and smooth looking finish on your face. 
-- It has shimmers on it. But it won't make you look like a disco ball.  It will just give you an amazing glow. It will make your skin look healthier.
-- Good pigmentation. I like that it isn't SUPER pigmented so that I can control it more. 
--  It is affordable. I got this for Php 194.00 only. Amazing product for the prize!
-- You can see the ingredients and other infos on the box/packaging. 

-- It is always out of stock. You can find their counters on any Watsons, I believe. But yeah, I being always OOS is one downside. 
--  Some of the ingredients used are "harmful." It contains TALC, PARABENS and FRAGRANCE. 
-- It is a little bit chalky. 
-- I don't like that the brush does'nt have a "separate" compartment.
-- It has an "old" powder scent. Just like the BB powder. BUT it is tolerable for me. 

Will you recommend it?
Yes. I think for the price, this product is awesome. I like it more than I don't, so yes. :) I will. This shade, especially, I will recommend for those ladies who have morena or darker skin tone. :) 

Will you repurchase? 
I am not sure yet, honestly. NOT because I don't like it but because I think I don't need too many blushes. But if ever, I might check out the other shades. 

Overall, I love it. I don't use it as much as the first month though cause I think they're breaking me out. :| I am not sure yet though. I am still "experimenting" o what is causing my breakouts. Maybe just the lack of sleep. But yeah! I will keep you guys posted. 

I hope you guys enjoyed that! :) If you guys haven't my reviews on the other 4U2 products, here are the links. 

And here are the links of my 2 most recent posts. :) 

Thanks so much for all your support! ♥

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  1. thanks! at last i saw your comment na din hehe,.

  2. Nice:) We're the same. I don't mind it if expensive or cheap ang blush-on. Pero all over the years, talagang nagstick ako sa Careline yung peach yung shade. That's my all time favorite talaga! Kaya lang nagmahal na sila ngayon. I am looking for a matte blush on ngayon, mejo nagsawa n ako sa amy shimmer shimmer. Hehe buti ka pa sis consistent sa pagrereview ng mga products, ako yung mga blush on ko mauubos na lamang di ko pa narereview.

  3. I had a careline blush too pero I used to use it for contouring... i dont use it anymore though. maganda yun but di masyadong long lastong. :) ako i like matte blushes din. hehe ayoko tlga yun may shimmer but this oe is a good one. :) hahaha thanks! :)

  4. I'd like to try this one... :) mukhang maganda ung shade nya. i have one blush lang ung "fit me" ng maybelline, it is more on the pink shade nga lng but maybe ill try using peach shades like this. :) Will be waiting on your update though if this is causing you to break out... :p sana hindi ito ang cause, takot kasi ako magexperiment... hehe

  5. im into sunkissed shades kasi this past weeks eh. hehe. :D
    ooh my! i swear im having the worst breakout in years! i was so down last night kasi i havent had this kind of break out in 2-3 years already... pero now, grabe! its horrible! i swear! i dont even want to say how many pimples i have right now!!! haha kakahiya! :P i think it is really the 4u2 products.. but ewan ko pa tlga.

  6. I haven't tried this yet, but I have tried their BB powder. I think it's nice... esp for the price :D

  7. yes. i think so too.. pero i really think they were breaking me out.. i stopped using them for awhile para makita ko if yun nga reason. hehe

  8. Naku... :( baka you need to rest your skin muna sis, mas mahirap pag ang dami na breakouts ung parang ayaw na talaga gumaling nakakafrustrate yan... ung brother ko had to take antibiotics na to stop from having breakouts... :( tapos advise ng derma to use ung white variant ng safeguard lang as facial wash, it helped naman... :)

  9. May iba bang shades nito? Or orange-y shade lang? I'm into 4U2 products now. I can't get enough of their packaging. :)

  10. I think they do have other shades.. But the time I bought this out of stock yun iba.

  11. Para kasing hindi okay sakin ang orange. Anyway, thank you! :)



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