Friday, August 17, 2012

Pillow Time : Insecurities

HEY HEY! :) Last Friday I wasn't able to write a pillow time post. But now, it's back! And today I have decided to talk about "INSECURITIES."[ obviously cause that's the title. :P ] 

Insecurity = Self- Doubt.

I think all of us have insecurities, in one way or another. I myself have TONS on them.
I am not the normal, petite Filipina girl. I have a bigger built. I am over weight. 
I do not have a perfect skin. I do have a lot of crazy things on my skin. I have scars, acne and stretch marks. I have a dark skin. I have a big nose, a wide forehead and unruly eye brows. I have tons of imperfections. And yes, sometimes I feel bad about myself. Sometimes I cry because other people don't accept me for who I am. 
But I have learned that I have to accept myself first before other people accept me.

I have a lot of bad experiences with it comes to my imperfections. People judged me because of how I look. In this cruel world, people look on the outside rather than looking on the inside. It's sad. But that's reality. I guess.
I have been bullied a lot of times. People treated me differently. But those, I think are making me stronger.

Growing up. I really had a hard time loving myself. I push people away because I don't think I'm enough. 
I pulled myself down. I let people affect me. I let them hurt me. I let them get into me. I allowed them to push me down. 

BUT not anymore. I can safely say that I love myself more now. 
I am learning to accept myself more. I believe in myself.And I know that what's important is not my weight or skin or face.
 What's inside your heart is more important. 

I still cry. I still feel bad, sometimes. But what keeps me going is of course, my God.
Prayers works wonders.I gain my confidence from Him. 

I know a lot of us have that. Insecurities or doubt. It's okay. But don't ever let people step down on you or push you down.
Take those as challenges. Challenges for you to make yourself better. 
NOT for other people. but for yourself. ♥

Do not let your insecurities eat you up. Remember, you're bigger than them. 
Just believe in yourself and continue being you. 


  1. Correct ka dyan sis! :) I believe lahat ng tao naman kahit sino may imperfections , di ba nga sabi nila "Nobody is perfect." Its just a matter of accepting and being confident of who you are and not of what you have. :) Nakakarelate ako syo sis, I was also bullied because of my height, I was always the smallest in class, but I also did not let that hinder me from accepting myself and becoming who I wanted to be. I believe those people who bully others are more insecure of who they are than the persons they are bullying. Di ba? hehe :)

  2. yes! i think you're right. lahat may doubts at some point... and yes.. hose people who are trying to bring you down are the ones na may mas malalang pinagdadaanan.. :) I agree with you!!! :)

    by the way.. how was your blog?! when will you start?! im excited for you! hehehe

  3. great post! great to know that you don't let anyone (or yourself) bring you down anymore. It's normal to have low self-esteem days every now and then but we shouldn't let it affect us everyday of our lives. kudos to you for getting through it! :) following you sis btw, thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  4. aww thanks! and yes!!! its okay to feel down as long as you're always ready to bring yourself up again... :) you're welcome! i will follow as well! :)



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