Monday, July 16, 2012

Online Shopping Haul [ JULY ]

Haul Time! hehe This past few weeks I have been avoiding the mall and online stores cause I am saving up for a few stuffs that I really want to have. I have been saving up for NAKED palette, SIGMA brush sets, MAC lipsticks and maaaany more! :) I have a goal e! hehe 

BUT, last week when I got home. I signed in to fb and the very first thing I saw was Ate Dee's / Skye Avenue's post. 

Php 500.00 OFF for a minimum purchase of 1000 pesos??!! That's such a steal! Multiply's Discount Frenzy was going on that time, and it only lasted for 30 minutes. 

So, I clicked the link and without thinking twice I bought some stuffs. hehe 
Oh and the internet was acting up that time, and I was starting to panic and all. It is crazy! I even tweeted Ate Dee asking how many time was left cause I was having a hard time with the connection and I was afraid that I won't be able to use the code. hehe 

Anyways, so I ordered Wednesday. Then I paid on Friday and got my package today, Monday. I wasn't expecting it to arrive today. So, I am a happy camper! :) 

The products were sealed nicely. I am impressed! I love that it was wrapped to assure that I will get the items without any damage. 

Here are the things I bought from Skye Avenue. 

1. Chocolate Wax Kit for Php 199.00

2. Krave Minerale's Pretty Young Thin - Php 310.00

3. Beauty UK palette in Soho - Php 300.00
Beauty UK palette in Earth Child - Php 300.00

All in all the total amount was 1185 but minus 500. So, I only paid 685! It was such a great deal! :) 

And then I told Ate Dee if she wants someone to review any of the products she sells. I would love to do it for her. So, she included a few others products for me to review. She's super nice! Even though I am a newbie and all. She still trusted me. ! appreciate it so much! :) 

She gave me...
* A beautiful pair of earrings
* MeMeMe Poppy Tint
* Beauty UK Lip Lust in no.11 [ Office Chic ] 
* NYX Xtreme Lip Cream in Nude Peach Fuzz

THANKS ATE! Super! :) Thank you for being so nice! ♥

All the products mentioned above are from Skye Avenue. You guys should check it out! Ate Dee, the owner, is super duper nice! I have encountered a few sellers that are nice at first, but then after you ordered and paid. GRABE! Snob na! :D But Ate Dee is'nt like that. She's super friendly even though sobrang kulit ko na. hehe THANKS again ate! :) ♥

So, you guys have to expect a lot of reviews from makeups from UK! :) I am excited! 
And also, you guys should stay tuned for a good news...very soon! ♥

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Multiply: HERE
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  1. Ate Dee, inggit ako! Hahaha!

    Excited to see your review on MeMeMe Poppy Tint. :)

  2. Wah! hindi ko alam paano ako magrereply pareho kayong Michelle! hahaha

    Thanks Michelle of All about Being glam for this post! And to Michelle of Micmic's Corner sige sa next order mo send kita for reviews! *wink* :p

    1. hehe..ako din nga nalilito e.i feel i am talking to myself.kaya di talaga pwde mawala yun ate na word.hehe

      you are super welcome ate! Thank you! <3

    2. Ako si Micmic. Sya si Chel. :)



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