Thursday, August 23, 2012

Review : Fashion21 Color Set

AH! I am sick again. BOO! I have this very bad cold and sore throat since Monday. It got even worse that's why I wasn't on most of the time. Good thing I have some few products ready for review. :)

Today I will review a palette from a famous local brand here in the Philippines. Fashion 21. If ever you haven't heard about this brand yet, here is a little background. 

"Fashion 21 Cosmetics is among the leading make-up brands in the Philippines since 1985. Known for its keen color selection, trendy packaging, imported high quality and affordable prices, Fashion 21 has become every fashionista's must-have. " --- Fashion 21 Facebook Page
The palette that I am talking about is the...
Fashion 21 Color Set

I had this palette for more than a year now. This is the very first eyeshadow palette that I owned. It comes with a thin velvety type of cover/ bag.
 [ My second one is the 88 Earth Color Palette from Dollface. Review here. ]

At the back you can see the ingredients and other infos about the brand. 

I don't know if you guys noticed, but the packaging looks weird to me. It isn't plain black or whatever. It looks like a burnt plastic thing. But whatevs, that doesn't bother me that much. I just find it weird. LOL At first I thought mine was damaged or whatever.

I like the packaging of this one that my Dollface palette. It is also made from plastic, I guess. But it feels heavier and sturdier, in my opinion.
The mirror inside is also bigger than the one from Dollface.

It consists 48 eye shadows. From bright colors to neutral ones. It contains a mix of shimmery shadows to matte.

Here are some swatches. Bright and neutral ones. 

I really love this product. Especially the brown ones. I use those for every day makeup.
I got this for Php 375.00 at Watsons, Mall of Asia.

Now, for the PROS and CONS. 

 PROS. ♥
-- It is very affordable! For 48 colors, it is a pretty good deal!
-- It has good pigmentation. Not all are super pigmented but I love the pigmentation. It isn't the BEST but it is good!
-- You can use it dry or wet. I love using it with a wet brush. It'll make the color pop more. 
--  Good color pay off! Amazing!
-- Long lasting even without using a primer or base. 3-4 hours is pretty long for someone who have an oily lid. 
-- No fall outs.I didn't experience any fall outs at all.
-- Consists of almost all the colors a beginner needs! Perfect for newbies!

-- Contains TALC and PARABENS. 
-- It is a LITTLE chalky. JUST a little. 
-- Some aren't that pigmented. 
[ But as I have said, most of the shadows are really pigmented. ]
-- HONESTLY, other than the talc and parabens. I can't think of anything else. 

Will I repurchase?!
I don't think so. I still have tons of product on it. I haven't actually hit pan on any colors yet. 

Will I recommend?!
YES! I think it is perfect for beginners like me. I really recommend it if you want to play safe and just start trying to apply eye makeup. I also recommend this to anyone. I think it is another hidden "GEM" that you can find inside Watsons.
You can find this at any Fashion21 counters.

Overall, I love the product. Especially the browns and neutral ones. AH! Perfect for every day and you can also use it on special occasions. It also contains colors if you want to experiment more. I think for the price, it is really amazing. :) 

I hope you guys like that review. If ever you guys have any suggestions on products that I should try or you want me to try. Please don't hesitate to comment down below. If you guys have questions or anything. Feel free to ask me. ♥

 Have you guys tried this palette already?! Or have you ever heard of it?!
What are your thoughts about it?! Please let me know. 

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  1. Nice review. And great timing too coz I'm thinking of purchasing a palette from Dollface or Props :)

  2. Oh. thanks ate! hehe [ I hope you dont mind me calling you ate. :) ]
    PROPS!? Is that a brand or something?

  3. Hahaha no need to call me ate! Di naman yata ako matanda LOL. Anyway, yep it's a brand. Props Tools and Cosmetics :) They're on Facebook lang yata :)

  4. haha.. well okay.. nasanay kasi ko eh. hehe. i feel weird pag name lang tawag ko. :P ooooh.. i havent heard of them yet... i will check them out.

  5. I've been waiting for someone in the blogging world to post a proper review of this and so far I've only seen 2... kasama na yung sayu! hahaha! Now I want to buy this too... anu ba yan! :) nga pala chel, you might want to join my ongoing giveaway here:
    thanks hun! ;)

  6. wow.. hehe thank you!!! oooh i think its worth it very affordable but at the same time super good product for its price. ooohl i will check it out. thanks!

  7. Thanks for the review! I haven't tried Fashion 21 cosmetics yet. I was surprised that it was only 375php. Ang daming colors! Ang ganda ng swatches mo especially the purple! Your review is so convincing! haha. I want to get one too!

  8. Great review! I love makeup products that are affordable and effective at the same time.

  9. hehehe... so convincing or tempting?! :P hehehe. thanks iya dear!! :) yes it is very cheap but it has an awesome quality! :)

  10. thanks ate! :) yes me too.. it doesnt matter kung expensive or not basta maganda yun quality :)

  11. design ng packaging nila sis un? parang warped ung plastic... but ok naman inside?

  12. i think so... parang ganun nga.., okay naman sya..

  13. hmmm... ibang klase design nila ha... weird naman nun... hahaha Btw sis dapat ata maglagay ka na ng chat box or something dito sa page mo... hehehe minsan kasi ndi ko nakikita reply mo sa comment ko... haha demanding ba? haha :p para lng mas madali makipagchikahan... :P hehe

  14. yes. weird! hehe. oooh. hahahaha its okay! i will try to see what i can do. :) thanks for suggesting though! :)

  15. ung black po ba nito pigmented? :D

  16. Jemay Muzika ;-)May 18, 2014 at 2:09 PM

    That pigmentation is insane!

  17. Ganito ang Gina gamit ko everytime na sasaLi ako sa pageant ..



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