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Review : Dollface Cosmetics' 88 Earth Color Palette

Hi guys! I know I have been MIA for the last couple of days. We were a bit affected by the monsoon and then ever since Friday, until now I am sick. It's crazy!  I'm trying my best though. I have tons of products to share with you guys, so I hope you guys stay tuned. :) 

Anyways, I just want to make a quick review on the Dollface Cosmetics' 88 Earth Color Palette. My first palette is the Fashion 21 Color Set and this is my second. I have been wanting to review these 2 palettes ever since but I always forget. But when I saw Miss Iya Boto of From Nails to Makeup's review on her palette from Dollface, it reminded me to review mine. [ Click HERE for her post. ] So, here's my review on the product. :) 

I have heard tons of good things about this brand before I bought my palette. There was a time when I see lots gurus on you tube use products from the brand and love it. I was super curious about the brand especially there palettes and brushes. If you guys have been reading my blog ever since, you'll know that I am not really an "eyeshadow" girl. I can go out without it. But there came a point where in I really wanted to start learning to apply an eyeshadow. I wanted to broaden my knowledge on applying makeup. 
I bought my Fashion Color Set and played with it for a couple of months. And then I bought this one to try out more products and because I really am wanting to have a palette with a huge amount of color selection.  

I bought this from Dollface Cosmetic's Facebook page
Bought it for Php 700.00 but the original price is Php 950.00.
I got it for a cheaper price cause it was on sale for being slightly damaged. But when I got it, I did not see any damage at all. Lucky huh!? :) 

I chose the 88 Earth Color Palette because I love neutrals! 
I think for beginners neutral colors are great and safest colors to play with. I really love neutral colors that's why I got this one.  

You can also see the Ingredients at the back of the palette. Its a nice thing that they included the ingredients list on the palette itself.

 So, that's what the inside looks like. It OBVIOUSLY have 88 Earth-y Neutral colors. The color selection is good. From whites, blues, greens, purples, oranges ad browns. Shimmery, Satin and Matte. All in one palette! 

There's also a small sized mirror inside. And it also came with 2 double ended sponge tip applicator, that I never use also. 

Here are some swatches of my top 5 eye shadows from the palette. I use the gold-ish one and the purples a lot. :) 

-- Good pigmentation.
-- For the number of eye shadow colors, the price is worth it! 
-- Packaging looks chic. I love it! 
-- Online transaction was super smooth.
-- When I got it (last year), it was really sealed. I love it when sellers make sure that the products are safe. 
-- The colors are blend able.  
-- Good color pay off! 
-- Combination of matte, satin and shimmery shadows. 

-- It contains TALC and PARABENS. NOT GOOD! 
-- Some of the shadows are very chalky. 
-- Not all colors are pigmented. You'll need apply more than 1 layer for you to see the color.
-- The lasting power isn't that good. It comes off easily.
-- The shiny finish of the packaging is very prone to scratches. Mine really looks super old! 
-- The palette doesn't look sturdy. It is made of some plastic material, I think.

TIPS : Make sure to use eye shadow primer and/or base to make the color pop more. And to help the shadows last a little longer on your lids. Especially when you have super duper oily lids like mine. 

Will I recommend? 
Yes. For beginners especially. I think it's a good product if you're only starting to explore more about makeup. It is not that expensive but then you get a huge color selection. I also recommend it to anyone who LOVES neutrals like me. I think its a good addition to anyone's makeup stash. 

Will I repurchase? 
No. I still haven't use 80 percent of the colors. And I am planing on investing on a neutral palette with better quality. But if ever I want to start playing with more colors, I might try some of their palettes. 

Overall, I think it's a good product! I love playing with it and it's a safe palette because you ca use it everyday or on special occasions. 

You can check out their FB page to see all their products ad where you ca get them. 

Have you tried any of their products yet? Their brushes? Palettes? What do you think of the brand? Do you guys want me to review my Fashion 21 Color? 

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  1. Yes hun review the fashion 21! ako wala pang ganyan kadameng palette but I am planning to get one, yung may blush on na :) Saka makeup brushes na set! Favorite kong shade jan yung matte na brown perfect for smokey eye!

  2. yey! sure! ooooh... yeah! thats a good idea. :) i want to invest on a makeup brush too. I am actually saving up for a sigma travel kit, super dream ko to have one. :) yeah! there are a lot of browns on this palette.. but i really am obsessed with the purple ones.:)

  3. Hi sis! :) I love your product review of the palette. :) Sis Try attending a basic make up workshop, its really fun and informative for newbies like us. :) I just attended one last sunday by Glaminar makeup artistry, and the make up artist who taught us was Ms. Jane Beroin, she was really good and gave us a lot of tips. :) Now Im really inspired to start blogging, I even started taking pictures of several products that I would post a review on. :) Wish me luck! hehe

  4. THANKS! Me and my cousin are actually planning on doing that already. Maybe a few motnhs from now but yeah.. I would love that! :) OH! That's good news! You should if you really want to! :) GOOD LUCK!

  5. Hey! thank you for putting up a review on your DollFace palette too! Dollface is really good for beginners like us! I remember when I first got addicted to makeup, halos everyday ko tinitignan ang website ng Dollface thinking of what palette is best for me. hehe. there is really so much to try out! I want to have a neutral set din! Is Fashion 21 of better quality than Dollface? :)))

    And oh! I've just noticed that you brightened up your signature pic!! yey! it looks much nicer )

    btw, what's the brand of the lippies in your picture of commenter of the month?do you have a post on that? :) :)))


  6. yes! i think they are good for beginners! hehe me too! i did that too! i drooled over their products for months!! hehehe.. i think dollface is better. :)

    yeah thanks! hehe. oooh they are my NYX round lipsticks.. i will do a lipstick tag soon. :) i have quite a few of nyx rls. :D


  7. Chelle dear sali ka na sa glaminar... Punta ako dun ngyung 19th, sulit yung 2600 kasi marami namang freebies na ibibigay :)

    Very few blogs have featured the colorset on their review limelight... Excited ako sa post mo :) and me too, I'm saving up for a new brush, pero I'm going for the Charm vegan set... Or young ELF set hahaha :) good luck satin ;) and get well soon! :)

  8. @facebook-1837070409:disqus oooh.. i cant soon kasi i have school and wala talagang time pa. :) GOOD LUCK!!! and yeah. hehe i will review it soon. :)

    i really want to invest on a good set of brushes.. so yeah, goodluck nga. hehe. sana before christmas i got mine na :P thanks!!!

  9. Thanks for sharing the some of the swatches...I think its pretty worth it for the price even though some shades might appear too sheer or chalky. But hey, at least we get 88 colors to choose from! I'm so going to check this out soon ^_~

  10. yes! i think so too! it is really worth it... its inexpensive but you get 88 colors... thats a good deal! :) you should! they have a lot of palettes to choose from. :)

  11. Never heard of doll face before. I love palettes though!

    i just found your blog and followed! :)
    check out my new blog that i just started!

  12. oooh. i found the brand through youtube. :) through miss noe and maricarljanah. :)

    thank you! and i will!!! :)



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