Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gifts from Taiwan!

Hi guys! I am sorry I wasn't able to post something for my pillow time yesterday. I am feeling kind of out of the weather yesterday, until now. And I can't think of an interesting topic, so yeah. Sorry about that. Anyways, here's a random post of the things I got from my aunt who works in Taiwan. She sent it to my cousin and then my cousin gave it to me this morning. :) 

So here are the things I got. I only asked for the mascara, but yey for the extra stuffs. :)

1. Sexy Look's Bird Nest + Gold Caviar Face Mask
I researched about it on yahoo and that is where I found out about the name. hehe. :P
And I also saw that it is Taiwan's No.1 Best Selling Mask. So,we will see about that. :) 

2. Watsons Facial Absorbent Paper
I got 3 of these but I gave 1 to my sister. This one works! She gave me the pink one before, and it works. And it is affordable, I believe. I don't think we have this kind of blotting paper here though. 

3. Victoria's Secret Exhilarating Body Wash in Pure Seduction
This one smells like fruit juice or something. hehe. It doesn't have a strong scent, and I love that. 

4. BOB Super Curl Mascara in Black
Last year, my aunt also gave men a mascara from this brand. And it works so good! I told her how much I love it and stuff, so she said she will send me another one. 

So, that's it for this mini haul. I will be review some stuffs in the next few days, so watch out for those. :) And yeah, I will make it up to you guys as soon as I feel better. :) 
Thank you for those who really reads my blog. I appreciate all your support so much! 

Have you tried any of the products I mentioned? Or have you ever heard of them? 
Let's talk! Comment below! ♥

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  1. oh I'm curious about the mask! :)
    Can't wait for your review about it~
    Have a fab day!

  2. I want to see a review on the mascara! :)) please? :)


  3. i will! i will try it out first.. :)

  4. oooh me too! im excited to try it!
    thank you!!!

  5. You have a very sweet Aunt! Sana ganyan din ang aunt ko. hehe Looking forward on its review!

  6. Wow! Imported goodies! It's always exciting to get something from abroad. To try out what's not locally available. Hihihi. Sana may umuwi din akong relative abroad soon. :>

  7. hehe.. request kasi yun mascara. :P thanks! and i will! :)

  8. yes it is! kahit na di mo maintindahan yun mga nakasulat. hehe. :)

  9. How did you find the mask sis? nakakacurious sya, kakaibang combination bird's nest + gold caviar... hehe

  10. its ordinary... i did my research and mas magada daw sya sa mature skin. i gave it to mom nlg. i used one though.. and i think it triggered my pimples more. :(



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