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Review : NYX Round Lipsticks.


Hey! I was out the whole day, that is why I am making this post just now. So, I will go straight to the main "purpose" of the post now. :)

If you have been following me for quite some time now. You already know how I adore lipsticks. As I have mentioned on my Lipstick Tag post, I own 34 lippies as of the moment. 15 of them are from NYX Cosmetics' Round Lipsticks. I have quite a lot of it because I was overwhelmed on how cheap it is and how beautiful the colors are. I just cant help myself. LOL.

NYX Round Lipsticks. 

I got it last year for Php 100.00 each but I had to wait for more than a month. I forgot where though. It was from an online shop but I seriously forgot the name. But Kering-keri Store sells them for PHp 130.00 each, on hand. CHECK THE STORE NOW! 

HERE ARE THE SHADES I OWN. [ not in particular order. ]
I actually got a lot of pink shades because I want to "play" safe. I wanted to have wearable shades so that my money won't go to waste. BUT honestly, I don't really use them a lot. Why?! Read on! 

I like how simple and chic the packaging is. It is a simple black tube but the "designs" around the brand name and the fonts used added some fun vibe to it. 
What you see on the bottom is also the color you get. [ in most of the shades. ]

You can also see the ingredients list and other important infos on the side of the tube. 
And then you can see the shade and the weight on the top of the lid. 

Hand Swatches. 


And the REDS.
[ If you want to see lips swatches on my RED lipsticks. Click HERE. ]

The finish of the lipsticks aren't matte. But it isn't too glossy as well. They are very creamy but not all of them are pigmented enough for my super pigmented lips. :D

-- They have a wide range of colors that you can choose from. Nudes to Pinks and Reds. 
-- It is very creamy. So, it glides on smoothly on the lips. 
Good pigmentation. I do think that the pigmentation is quite good. Especially the darker shades. 
-- Its cheap! I got it for 100. And I have seen online shops selling it for 130 -150 pesos. 
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-- I like the packaging. Very simple but not too dull. I thinks it looks so chic. And also, it won't eat up tons of space inside your kit. 
-- I think they smell really nice. For me, they do smell like candies. That might be an issu for others but not for me. :)

-- They melt easily! Especially in the kind of weather we have. A lot of them that I own are broken already because of the heat. I think they are really made for cold countries. 
-- Some aren't that pigmented. 
-- The lasting power isn't that long. It will fade after 2-3 hours.  And I don't like that I need to keep on retouching it.
-- They are not moisturizing at all. BUT isn't that drying as well. 
-- Sometimes I don't like the creaminess of it. Some shades tend to look super thick after 2 or more coats. 
UPDATE: For others it smells and taste like soap. I don't know why it smells like candy for me. hehe. But I agree that it taste like soap.

Here are the TOP 5 shades that I love the most. 
[ lip swatches ]
Fire, Thalia, Spellbound, Hero and Paris. 

If you guys notices, my upper lip is really dark. I do not smoke or anything. But it is like that ever since I was a kid. That's why I cannot really wear sheer lipsticks or whatever. :) 

I also like and recommend Hermes, Fig, Louisiana and Pink Lyric.

Will I repurchase?!
I don't think I need more from the brand/line. I have been meaning to buy lipsticks with BETTER quality and lipsticks that I can really use. 

Will I recommend?!
YES! I think it is perfect for every day use. If you want a huge selection of colors, definitely check this out! 

Overall, I like them. They make me happy!
I have said that I will buy BETTER quality lippies but I didn't say that there are bad ones. I was just saying that I know there are a lot more better ones out there. But overall, for the price, quality and color selection. THUMBS UP! ♥

So, that's it for this review. I know a few people who are waiting for this one. hehe
I apologize that it took me awhile. :) I hope you guys enjoyed this. MWAH! ♥

Have you guys tried any shade from this brand/line already?! What shade is your most favorite?! Do you want ti try this lipsticks out?!
And also, for suggestions or any questions. comment it down there, message me, tweet me or whatever! :)

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  1. Whoa ang dami mong round lipstick sis! Gusto ko yung fire. Actually marami akong gustong shades sa NYX kaya lang tinatamad akong magpuntang Digital Traincase sa ETon ortigas! Haha. Kaya lang hindi long lasting ang NYX RL, and specially it taste like soap or something different.

  2. I like fire too! :D hehe. and yes, they are not long lasting. but if they are, naku i think perfect! :D oh i have heard and read about that. its weird that it smells like candy to me. BTW, I updated the cons. thanks for reminding me!

  3. i have 3 of these!! and yes they're not made for our country! i got those summertime and they really melt!

    i also have a problem with the taste! it's like soap or alcohol :(

  4. It really taste like soap. I'd go for the matte lip creams than the RLS pero I own few pcs in this line din. Melted na nga e. Haha!

    Great review!


  5. Wow the colours are really nice. I'm not sure I can get it in the UK though x

  6. Hey(: Thanks for following, I've followed back!

    I've always wanted to try a NYX Round Lipstick but it's so hard to find NYX products where I live. I'm really liking that Indian Pink shade you swatched~


  7. it's such a bad thing that they melt easily. Huhuhu. ang ganda pa naman ng colors! Thanks for the review sis! Ang gnda ng swatches. Paris looks nice on your lips :)

  8. thanks so much for the swatches and woah! you got a whole lot of lippies!! ^_~ Most of colors are really pretty but the one that got my eye would prob be the Fig and orange soda...=)

  9. oh you are welcome! :) hahaha. yeah they are all pretty. :) i love pink. orange soda looks nice too but not on me. :D

  10. yes! i am reall sad that they melt soooooo easily! as in! lalo na sa init ng pinas.. youre welcome! :) awww thanks!

  11. Thank you! :)

    oh. it is hard to find a store/ boutique that sells NYX products here also. But a lot of online shops already have them. :) oh i think its pretty too.. but not on me. :D

  12. yeah! they are all nice! :) ooooh...i dont know also. but maybe you can check their website. :)

  13. yeah! thats the downside na nakita ko on most reviews that i have read.. it doesnt bother me that much though. and yes me too! i prefer matte lip creams or their matte lipstick line. haha me too! ang dami ng sira kaya i didnt show the lipstick itself. :D

    thanks ate!

  14. yes! supr melt dba?! mine kasi was stored in an index card holder... and i really dont use it a lot. every now and then i check them and last summer. grabe! hehe

    yeah! :|

  15. Thats a lot of lipsticks, Im a teeny bit jealous!
    Makeup by Rachel

  16. aww. hehe :D thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

  17. ang dameee lang lipstick sis... :) nagmemelt talaga ang nyx na lippies sis? as in how bad? is it better to depot them nlng so as not to waste them?

  18. haha.. yeah nagmemelt talaga sila. :( pag di masyadong mainit... makikita mo na nagmomoist sila.. pero last summer a lot of my round lippies e nabali tlaga.. so yeah.. thats the only solution i think.

  19. Hindi ba nakakaitim ng lips?

  20. Fortunately wala naman akong nakitang lead sa ingredients so i dont think so... my lips are naturally maitim nga lang. :D

  21. I love Nyx Round Lippies. I want to have Frapuccino, para parang nude lang. :) I don't like it's soapy scent though. :)

  22. ooh.. I havent seen Frappucino yet. :) yeah! that sucks!

  23. Nude lang yata siya. But then, sabi mo nga you're into pink shades na. :))

  24. when it comes to nude i like it better pag medyo matte. hehe.

  25. MICHELLE! Bruha ka! Aba di ko alam sikat pala blog mo. Nagtype lang ako sa google ng review netong nyx round lipsticks yung blog mo unang lumabas nagulat ako ikaw! Hahaha. May mga shade ba na medyo matte? Ayoko sa shiny eh.

    follow mo blog ko!

  26. Lead IS NOT listed as an ingredient in lipsticks. So you cannot go
    check the packaging and say it has no lead. It has to be tested to know
    if it contains lead or not.

  27. May quality lahat ng lipsticks. Hirap nga pumili kung anu ang babagay dahil sa dami ng variety :3 Haha

    ~Pauline @Kallony



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