Thursday, July 12, 2012

my RED lipsticks.

"Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable on your own skin.
That, or a a kick-ass red lipstick. "
                                                          --Gwyneth Paltrow

I am not a big fan of RED lipsticks. I am more of a pink and nude kind of girl. Maybe because most of the time I just want to keep everything simple. I thought RED is too much. I wasn't sure on how to pull it off. But as I explore more and discover more, I realized that every time I wear bright colored lipsticks, especially red ones, I feel more energized. It makes me feel more alive and more beautiful. It really brightens my mood. I also like wearing my red lipsticks when I feel lazy. :D I'll just put my foundation on then mascara. And then bright lipstick, I'M DONE! :) 

Red lipstick is like the LBD. It is a MUST-HAVE in every girls makeup stash. 

Here are the 6 RED lipsticks that I own. ♥ 

L-R Loreal Infallibe Lip Color in Beyonce's Red , Ever Bilena Matte lipstick in Scarlet, Ever Bilena Matte lipstick in Love that Red, NYX Round Lipstick in Snow White, NYX Round lipstick in Hero and Ever Bilena Pro Longwear lipstick in Eager

I don't use all of them because I don't think that all of them look good on me. 
Looking for the perfect shade of red for your skin tone is actually trial and error. 

Knowing your skin tone is a huge help in looking for the right shade of red that will suit you. ♥
Hand Swatches

1 and 2.  NYX RLS in Hero and Snow White - NYX's RLS are so creamy. Hero is obviously lighter than Snow White. I think that this is shade is a perfect RED. I mean I am not sure of the undertone or whatever but whenever I see this color, I know it is red. [ I hope you guys get that. hehe ]
Snow White is pretty! It is darker than the previous one but it really add a statement to your look. It is perfect for night outs and formal events. It looks fine on me as well. Not good, not bad. :)
3. EB Pro Longwear lipstick in Eager - I find this lipstick a bit drying than the Matte ones. I don't know why but I like the Matte ones better. I used it once so I can't review it that much. But it is a gorgeous red with a pink undertone. It kinda looks a bit fuchsia on the picture.

4 and 5. EB Matte Lipsticks in Love that Red and Scarlet - Love that Red is my favorite out of the bunch. It is a gorgeous red with a little bit of blue undertone. Its not too dark and not too RED as well. I love it. I think it really compliments my skin tone. 
Scarlet - It is an orange-y kind of red. It makes me look a bit darker than my skintone so I don't use it as much. I used it during the summer time and I think its perfect. 
EB matte lippies are a bit drying, but with a good lip balm... PERFECT! ♥

6. Loreal Infallible lip color in Beyonce's Red - I think this color is the perfect definition for the word, RED! It is RED! The color is bright and gorgeous! Every time I wear it, people will lokk at me and they are like.... WHOA! hehe.
It is gorgeous! I love how it is long lasting and kiss proof! :) It won't go anywhere, I promise! It is a bit drying that's why you need to keep on applying the lip balm. 
It will flake when you use another lip balm or any other oil based product. Even if you eat oily foods, you will see it flake. But I love the packaging and everything else! :) 
You need to have the confidence to wear this color cause it is really a statement color.

So, those are my RED lippies. I don't own a lot but I want to try out a lot more red shades. Especially the darker ones. I really think it looks better on me than the lighter, orange-y ones. :)

Just one quick tip. :) In wearing RED or any bright colored lipstick, make sure to NOT overdo it. If you want to wear red lips for the day, make sure that you put just a minimal amount of blush and eyeshadow. You don't want to look like a clown, do you? :)

Comment, questions or suggestions. Feel free to comment below! :) 

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  1. Wow, I love your Red Lippy collection Chel! Love them. Glad you have the swatches! I only have The EB in Scarlet, but I what catches my attention here is the Nyx Hero and Loreal! They are gorgeous! Anyway, I already followed your blog! HAve a nice day.

    1. thanks jen! :) the eb in scarlet is pretty, but not for me. hehehe. the loreal one is gorgeous! i agree! red kung red talaga sya! :) thanks for following! :)

  2. Wow! You have a lot of red lipsticks! I have EB in Scarlet too and I love it!

    I want to try out Loreal soon!

  3. hehe yes. but i dot use all of them... i bought some just for the sake of buying it. i admit that i am an impulsive buyer which isnt good. hehe. anyways, thanks! :)

  4. I only have one. Feeing ko kasi nakatingin lahat ng tao sakin pag naka-red lippie ako. :| I love Beyonce's red, looks good on you :)

  5. hehe yes.. super attention seeker pag red. but that's the main reason dba?! hehe me i wear red sa days that feel very maldita. hehe. :P thanks! :)

  6. Ipagdadasal ko magkaron ako ng maraming guts to sport a red lippie :)

  7. haha.. Try bright pink lippies first.. kasi I dont wear RED din that much. BUT I love bright pinks.. I think they are more subtle and less pansinin that red. :)



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