Friday, July 13, 2012

PILLOW TIME: Heart to Heart ♥


Hey hey! :) I know I have been lacking posts this week. And I am sorry about that. I realized that I only have 2 blog posts before this! BAD! Anyways, I will make it up to you guys. I PROMISE! :) Next week, I will try my very best to get back to the usual. 

Thank you for those people who are still supporting me. ♥ For those who, religiously read my posts and for those people who really followed me not just for the sake of giveaways or whatever. :) THANKS! ♥

Anyways, I just want to explain a little bit and share what I have been going through. :) 
EHEM! hehe 

So, a few weeks ago me and my partner for 19 months broke up. Sad?! YES!
I was the one who broke up with him for a few reasons. We don't have the 'typical' relationship cause we weren't together physically. It was hard but we tried our best to work things out.  
I did it not because I want to. I did it because I knew we both need it. 
I knew that there's something wrong, something missing. And when I told him that, we both agree na may mali nga

The past few months was the hardest. Nagiging MAS mahirap sya as months went by. 
We almost split up a lot of time before that. Pero we keep on coming back kasi we still love each other. I thought love is enough. 
And then yun, the day came when I knew I needed to end it na. I knew I needed to do it. It took me a few weeks to really think about it and to gain the courage to do it.
Breaking up with someone is hard, but breaking up with someone you still love is harder.
*eeeh! naiiyak na ko....

That was my first serious relationship, ever. And I will admit, it is really devastating.
It is harder that I thought. And it gets harder each day.
He is a good guy! He is actually a great guy. *haaay! :(
I don't have anything against him. My time with him is by far the most amazing time of my life. Yes, I still love him. 
I saw this somewhere, and I totally agree.
So, yeah! It happened a few weeks ago, and I tried to escape it. I am so happy blogging that's why I kept myself super busy. It helped me a lot! Kasi diba when you're busy you forget your problems and stuffs. So, this blog temporarily took the pain away. That's why I love this blog and you guys, so much... AGAD AGAD! :) 
But the whole week, I felt down. I can't escape the pain. I can't seem to find the inspiration to write or do anything.
 People might find it mababaw, but that what I really felt. I don't want to write just for the sake of doing it. If I don't feel like sharing or doing anything, I won't come up with a good blog post. So, I listened to my body, to my mind. I rested for a few days, I cried and I did everything I need to do.

Sorry if this is super long. I just want to share this with you guys. 
I am okay! I am taking it one day at a time. Diba nga, Time heals EVERYTHING. 
I will get there. I know that! :) ♥ It isn't the end of the world. I will experience pain, I will still cry and still miss him. But sooner or later, I will be able to see the good side sa nangyari. :)
 Everything happens for a reason. ♥

And again, thank you so much for supporting me! It really means a lot to me! :) 



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  2. Stay strong dear! Tama yan, dahil positive pa din ang outlook mo even after everything that happened... Always remember that good things will happen in God's time... :)

    1. thank you! yes, i know.. :) it all happen for a reason naman eh. :)

  3. I've been through a 6-year relationship pero we parted ways. Next is a 17-month relationship and we broke up as well. That was the hardest for me. At that time, I literally wanted to die. I tarved myself and doomed myself to vices. Ayun, puro wrong moves. One thing I learned, God makes us stronger in ever problems we encounter. He has a reason for it. Just smile and blog more. :)

    1. i couldn't agree more. :) it isn't easy...actually, it gets harder everyday.. remembering everything makes it tougher. pero diba nga, what doesn't kill you will only make you stranger. :)

      this blog is really really helping me.. im enjoying myself doing it eh. :)
      thanks ate!

  4. BTW, I am loving the new look of your blog. :)

  5. you like it>? hehe i like it too! THANKS! :)

  6. Hi!

    I just went through your blog and I say you're very promising! Keep up the good work! :)

    A Hint of Sunlight

    1. awwww. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :)You have a nice blog too. :)



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