Saturday, July 21, 2012

FOTD: Fuchsia

Hi friends! :) I just want to share with you guys my FOTD. It was just a chill day for us. I LOVE RAINY DAYS! ♥ There's something about the rain that makes me feel giddy. :)

Anyways, we just went to my grandparent's house to have a mini gathering for my cousins birthday. Well, we always go there. hehe Every weekend, we go there. So I usually just powder my face and put my Carmex lipbalm on and I'm done. But today, I have decided to try out some of the things I bought yesterday. So, I glammed up a bit! hehe

Here are the products I used. 

So, for my face. I used the products from 4U2. I used the Faith BB Cream as a base and then I set it with the Lovelight BB Powder. So far, soooo good! hehe I am liking it. But I want to test it more before reviewing it. So stay tuned for that! :) 
And then I use the Krave Pretty Young Thin to contour my face. I also tried the Together Double Blush, from 4U2 as well then I set everything with a little Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator from Krave that I have yet to review. :) 

For my eyes. I used the In2it Brow powder to fill in my eyebrows. I also used In2it's Gel Liner and my ELF Mascara.  

Then of course, for my lips. I used, as always, my Carmex lipbalm and my newest baby. The Maybelline Colorsensational in Fifth Ave. Fuchsia
I love it! AAAH! ♥

I just think that the lipstick is GORGEOUS! hehe I love love love it! ♥

So, yeah! Stay tuned for all the reviews and what nots. :) 
I hope you guys enjoyed this short post. I am quite tired and it is already late, so yeah! THANKS!!! 
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GOOD NIGHT! And stay safe! 

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  1. it's nice that you keep your face makeup minimal and let your lips standout :D nice shade, too!

    1. wow.. thanks! i have seen your blog a couple of times already. :) thanks for checking my blog out. :)



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