Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day 18 - Whom do you admire the most?

Day 18 - Whom do you admire the most?
 DISCLAIMER: I cannot put my dad's photo because he is a very private person. He hates having our photos, especially his online and I would like to respect his privacy. NOT BEING "MAARTE" or what, but we just want to be safe and prevent things to happen again. 

 My dad is a very strict, grumpy guy. He yells a lot, curse a lot and he is a hot headed guy.
His co workers/employees call him the "devil."
But despite all those negative things. My dad, is just a regular father. 
He is very generous and he also have a heart.

I admire my dad the most because he is hard working. He works in one of the largest electric company in our country. He works 24/7, well almost.
My dad is the best provider. Even though he's already married and all that, he still provides for my grandparents. He helps some of his siblings that don't have that stable job. He helps every one without asking for anything in return. I hate this trait of his sometimes because people tend to take him for granted. BUT he never sees that. 
He gives as long as he can. He is that generous and I really admire that. 

I can never forget what my mom told me when I was younger, 
" He might not be the best husband, but because he is the BEST son and BEST father. 
I will always love him. "

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  1. Kung alam lang ng dad mo na you look up to him like this, mattouch yun and he'll be so proud of you as well. You're such a sweet daughter. Sana may picture kayo. I'd love to see him ;)

  2. awww... well i hope so. :) thank you! i would love to! kaya lang we really need to keep him private for safety na din..medyo madami kasing galit sakanya dahil sa work and everything. hehe. :P

  3. Meralco? Pag electricity company, Meralco agad nasa isip ko? HAHA! I'll pray for the safety of you and your dad :)

  4. hehe yes! :P syempre may iba ba?! haha :P pasuspense lang kunyari hehe. thanks! :)

  5. Pareho ang mga dad natin sis... terror din ang dad ko sa kasama nya sa work, he doesn't mean to torment them but he just wants them to learn their mistakes... hehe haaay... unfortunately my dad passed away a few years back, I really miss him ksi cya talaga ang partner in crime ko... ;( i'm a daddy's girl no doubt about that.... :)

  6. awww...sorry to hear that. But i am sure he is watching over you. :) My dad is really terror.. super happy ng employees nya pag nasa bakasyon yun :P hehe I am not a daddy's girl but first born kasi ako and hilig nya kong lokohin na im his favorite...favorite utusan :P



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