Saturday, September 22, 2012

Day 19 What is your goal in life?

Day 19 - What is your goal in life?

 I know, I know. People might think it's corny or whatever. But the answers for these questions really came from the heart.If you want to hate, hate on! Love you guys! :)

Anyways, my goal is to really be the best mom and wife someday.
It may sound cheesy and corny but that's really my greatest goal in life. I want to have my own little family. And I want to be the best mom and wife in the whole world...SOMEDAY. :)

But if we talk about material stuffs. I have a lot of goals, not for myself but for my family.
I want to give my parents a rest house or vacation house. I want to provide for them til they grow super old. I want to fulfill their dreams in general.♥

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  1. I love reading your blog always somethin excitin to read xxx

    btw i nominated u for the Liebster award

  2. I can relate with you! Same here sis! Awwwww! :)

  3. What part ka nakakarelate?! :P hehehe The first part kasi medyo weird for most people especially na we are young... hehe

  4. ang sweet mo sis... :) Your parents are lucky to have you. :) Ako mababaw ang goal ko sa ngaun, ung ikasal...hehe :p *hint to bf* haha

  5. aww thank you! :) hahaha.. oh bf!!! ayan na ah! hehe. :) I am a sucker for weddings. I cry sa lahat ng wedding. hehe. and i would love to see you in a gown dear!! :)

  6. hahaha wish ko lng mabasa nya to... hehe pero in fairness ha siguro nga binabasa nya ang blog ko, ksi nung anniv namin nagulat ako, para akong hihimatayin bumili sya sa etude house ng falsies at magnetic nail polish at face mask! OMG lng talaga. nahuli ko sya kasi nakita ko may nail polish sya sa nails nya... hindi daw nya maalis ng alcohol... natawa lng ako... haha Sige maybe I will do a bridal look someday para makita mko nka gown... hihihi ay may entry ako sa makeup contest ni iambridgette a few months back, I did a bridesmaids look dun, nka gown ako... hahaha



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