Thursday, September 13, 2012

September Lovin : Disney Inspired Look *ARIEL*

Last week's Introduction HERE

Tonight I will be posting our first makeup collaboration challenge.
So, our collaboration is about different makeup challenges/looks every week. I am collaborating with this 2 lovely ladies. Micmic's Corner and From nails to makeup

For this week we have decided to do a Disney Princess Inspired look.
It is INSPIRED cause we didn't copy the exact look but we came up with our own version of it. ♥

I chose Princess Ariel form The Little Mermaid.  ♥
I don't know when...I don't know how...but I know something's starting right now. Watch and you'll see...Somebody I'll be...Part of your world! -Ariel


It was really challenging because I really wanted to make it colorful and all that fancy stuff. BUT the problem is I am really not good in using eye shadows. It is my weakest point in makeup. So, I had to read and watch videos on how to achieve a clean looking eye makeup. It was hard for me. I have been very busy with a lot of stuffs and I didn't have enough time to "study" more. So, I just came up with what I know and what I want it to look like. :)

 And this is the look I came up with! 
 Blue bold eyes and a little hint of red on the lips.  ♥

I chose SEA BLUE colors for obvious reasons. The Little Mermaid lives in the sea and her eyes are color blue. 
I love my eye makeup! I cannot believe I did this. LOL 
I love it! ♥

Her cheeks are rosy that is why I used a rose colored one. 
[  Sorry for the photos. It doesn't give any justice to the real colors I used. ] 
 And I chose a "red" colored lips because her lips are red and her hair too. 

I don't have any costume because nudity isn't allowed. HAHA :D 
I just used a tube top that is purple because hers is purple too! 

Products used: 
* In2it Brow Powder
* Nichido GNO Eye Pencil in Blackest Black
* BOB Super Curl Mascara
* Fashion 21 Color Set
* Beauty UK Palette in Number 2
* Shawill 6 Cream Eyeshadow in 09

* Ever Bilena Studio Finish Stick Foundation in Beige
* 4U2 dreamGirl Lovelight BB Powder in 03
* ELF Contouring Bronzer 
* Ever Bilena Cheek Blush in Raisin
* Krave Minerale Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator

* Carmex Lip Balm
* Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick in Love that Red 

 Overall, I loved the look I came up with. It might not look mermaid-y but I am proud of what I did. It is my first time exploring the "colorful" side of shades. I am excited to do more soon! ♥
Love it, I just wish I had a better camera to capture the real colors. I am sure to invest in one soon. :) 

Please check out the looks my collaboration partners did also. :)

 I hope you guys enjoyed it! :) 
Stay tuned for next week's challenge! This collaboration thing is really fun! 
Thanks ya'll! MWAH! ♥

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  1. Great post! I'm not a make up fan but I guess you can help me on my make up issues. I will follow your blog..and read your make up posts. Such a big help for me. I hope you can follow back my wardrobe diary/blog:

  2. Just started following via the Wonderful Wednesday link up! Great blog! :)

    xo Aubree,

  3. Gusto ko talaga yung pinted tip ng eye shadow mo.. Perfect! Good job chel! Looking forward for more colorful eye looks! :>


  4. awww.. THANKS dear! I appreciate it! :) haha I am not an expert though. hehe I am still learning also. BUT if you need help, I would love to if I can!

    I will! thanks for dropping by!

  5. awww. THanks Aubree! :)
    I will check your blog out! ♥

  6. I love your rosy cheeks here! :)

  7. yey!!! hehe. I used kasi your trick. hehe kaya super clean ng look dba!? :) ooh my! eeeh! hopefully I can pull of more colors! ♥

  8. aww thanks aya!!! :) You dont think its too much?!It looks a bit darker kasi sa photos eh. :)

  9. followed you back! :) for some reasons I cannot comment on your blog. I dont know why. :)

  10. I love the colors! It is mermaid-ish, and does reminds me of the sea :) I think you did a great job!

  11. awww.. thanks Darel!!! :) YEY! I think I succeeded then?! Thank you so much! ♥

  12. yey! hehe thanks ate!! :) of course with your help and iya! :)

  13. Love the vibrant colors:)

  14. I like it... for someone who's not into eyeshadows much, you did your blending pretty well sis ;) nakakatuwa lang, disney themed yung ginawa niyo tapos I had created a look before about gypsies and esmeralda of hunch back of notre dame... :)

  15. Love the blue eyeshadow! :) And there is a hint of purple, right? (unless malabo na mata ko, haha). Good job! :)

  16. ang cute!! the look really reminds me of Ariel especially with the aqua blue eyeshadows...^_~

  17. yey! thank yoooou!! Im glad na muka syang mermaid-y...

  18. hehehe thank you!!!! yes there is! haha i forgot to mention. sa may crease dark purple..

  19. thank yooou! im glad you guys liked it! :)

  20. thanksssss! i love it too! super fun!

  21. ang galing sis, you pulled it off! I cant use colors like this, mukha akong clown... haha did you do the scotch tape trick to get the pointy tips? :) nacurious nanaman ako... hehe

  22. hehe thank yoooou!! i dont look like a clown ba?! :P hehe. yes I did! para super clean looking.. :)

  23. naks! ang bilis magreply ngaun sis ha! online ka maghapon ngaun? :) nope you dont look like a clown! absolutely not! dyos ko kung kaya ko lng ipull off ang ganyang look ginawa ko na. maswerte ka sis at bumabagay syo ung mga colorful na looks... :) plus may topak pa ang camera ko... tsktsk laging may yellow tinge pag nagtake ako ng pics kya wala pko masyado pinopost na make up looks sa blog ko... huhuhu

  24. nope! not naman maghapon. hehe i was in school kanina.. and ngayon before i turn the internet off.. nagchcheck lang ng comments. :) hehehe. thank you! i just use my phone wala pa kong maayos na camera. ayoko yun cam namin mahirap iupload super malaki kailangan pa iresize.

  25. oh phone camera lng to sis? malinaw cya ha, i really thought camera ang gmit mo! ang galing... :) better quality pa nga than my cam! really! :) im looking forward to more collab posts! :) i hope next time makasali din ako sa mga collab nyo... hihihi

  26. yeah nokia x6 luma na. :P hehe may flash kasi eh.. and I use din a lamp..kaya lang color yellow. pero minsan di naman naapektuhan yun color eh .:) NAMAN! There are tons of next time. hehehe.

  27. Eww. I can't believe you blogged about this and people actually liked this post. Lol

  28. THANK YOU!!! :) And your personality is more EEEW! :P



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