Thursday, August 2, 2012

RANDOM: 5 Random Facts Tag

HI HI HI!!! :) I am so lazy to post something "makeup" related today, so I have decided to do another tag! WOOT! Who's excited?! hehe I AM! So, let's start!!! :) 

I saw this tag on you tube, so I figured " Why not write a post on it?!" 
And that is what I am doing now. :P So, in this tag I should share with you guys 5 Random Facts about myself and then tag 5 friends. Let's start! 

1. I have an EXTREME fear of mice/rats. 

I actually consider myself as "musophobic." And btw, I made the picture small because it's freakin me out! AH! It is giving me goosebumps! 
It really is crazy! We have quite a few little "friends" here in our house and every time I FEEL like there's one near me. I freak out! It's crazy. I am not scared of cockroaches or spiders. I can kill and pick up a cockroach but these, NO WAY! I also don't like hamsters or rabbits or even kittens. Because they look like rats and I don't know. :P 

2. I love cooking!

I am such a foodie! And I love cooking. :) It relaxes me and it just gives me joy. 
I don't know a lot yet, though. And I am not that good yet. But I just like it. And the most rewarding part is hearing people say how good it was. I love that feeling! 
I can cook a few Filipino dishes, like adobo and a few more. I can cook carbonora, it's like my "specialty." I can cook lasagna, sweet spaghetti and a few more. :) 

3. I eat ALMOST everything BUT not sushi. 

I know a lot of you loves it. But I don't. I don't really know why, but I don't like the taste of it. I have tried it a million times, but really, I can't eat it. I want to still try though. But I don't know. hehe. Sushi isn't for me.  
I also don't eat bell pepper. I remove it from my pizza and I don't like it. The smell of it gives me a headache.

4. I love dipping my BREAD in my COKE. 

My cousins say that it's weird. Is it?! 
For me it's not. hehe I love it! I love the taste of my bread "melting" because of the coke. AH! YUMMY! 

5. I am such a "cry baby" 

I am super sensitive. I cry a lot! Especially when I was in high school. That's why I was tagged as the "best actress." hehe But now, not that much anymore. :P hehe. 
I am so sensitive that I cry when I see sad pictures or those small things. 
I cry whenever I watch "One More Chance" and "A Walk To Remember." 
Even though I have watched those 2 movies a million gazillion times, I still cry. 

So, that's 5 Random Questions about myself. hehe  I enjoyed it, as usual! But really, I love answering these tag whatever. :) If you know any tag, share it with me! :) I would love to do it! 

And the 5 bloggers that I tag are my friendsies! :) 
* Miss Jen Tan of One Curious Cat
* Miss Iya Boto of Iya Boto
* Miss Michelle Magramo of Micmic's Corner
* Miss Nicole Paler of Axons and Dendrites 
* Miss  Dana Kimberly of Dana Kimberly
and all of you!!! If you guys want to answer these questions, please do! Link it here! I would love to read it as well. :) 

I hope you guys enjoyed that! For questions or anything, comment below! :) 
JOIN MY GIVEAWAY!! It will end tomorrow! 


  1. Bread in Coke? WOW!

  2. hehe yeah! its really weird huh!? :P hehe

  3. Thank you for tagging me sis! Will blog later! :D sometimes i dip my bread sa coke din. Hahaha. may karamay ka girl :p

  4. yey! link me your post! :) yes! THANK YOU FOR THAT!!! hehe its soo good dba?!? :) hehe

  5. hey chel! i just responded to your tag i enjoyed doing it!

    and i just noticed your signature picture "chel" written out by a lipstick! And I just want to compliment that! So girly! Maybe you just have to brighten up the picture a little bit to enhance the lipstick color :)

  6. ooh i will check that out :)

    oooh. hehe yes! i played with it a little. :P i tried na kaya lang nagiiba na yun quality. but i will try again. phone lang kasi gamit ko to take pictures eh hehe.:)



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