Saturday, September 15, 2012

100th Blog Post.

I cannot believe I am already writing my 100th post! It has been 3 months since I started. I posted my very first post on June 4, 2012. [ click HERE if you want to see that post ] 

And back then I wasn't sure of what I was doing. I didn't have an idea on how to attract readers and all those. I remember the very first page views I got. 10, 12 and so on. But the interval was very slow. I wanted to NOT continue because it is hard to gain traffic, to attract to people to read your blog especially when there are TONS of them already. I knew the feeling of not having readers, followers and the like.

But looking at my blog, 99 posts later. Its quite overwhelming. 
[ This isn't to brag or anything. I just want to share how happy I am to have gained all these.]

199 Facebook Followers
133 Twitter Followers
212 GFC Followers
Top Blogs Rank: 145
Page Views: 13, 565

I am very much happy with these numbers. It feels really good to know that there are few people who appreciates what you love doing. 
YES, my giveaways are the ones attracting readers. BUT I don't just do giveaways. I do relevant and informative posts as much as possible. I back my giveaways up with posts that are worth of reading. 

It is only the beginning. I want to do more and achieve more. I love doing this that is why I will never stop doing it. 

You can't please everyone You guys know how hater are present in my every day life. Especially when I started my blog. The hates that I am getting tripled. I get hurt or pissed because I am not a robot. I am a beauty blogger, a human being. I also have my limits.
But as much as possible I want my surroundings positive that's why I just ignore them most of the time. But once you get into me, and really pissed me off. Better make sure you're ready. :)

And to those people who supports me, for those who reads every post I make, and to those of you who turned into my real "cyber" friends...THANK YOU!
It really means a lot to me. I am a very emotional person. I appreciate little things like that. And every time people compliments me or tell me that they like my blog. My heart feels very very happy.Thank you so much to all of you! :) 

I still have a lot of things to accomplish. I don't want to stop here. There's no other way but to go UP. And I am bringing all of you guys if ever that happen. :) 
Thank you! ALL OF YOU!!! ♥

If you guys want to ask me anything, advices or beauty related questions. Please do not hesitate! :) I don't eat people. :P hehe



  1. you deserve it sis. love ya ♥

  2. awww... thank yooooou!!! :') I love you too! I love you all!!! hehe

  3. Hi sis! Congratulations on your 100th post sis Chel! More power to you and your blog! I sure hope I could follow in your footsteps! :)

  4. yey! THANK YOU!!! :) Yes! As long as I have people who supports me I will keep on going.. you sure will! Just love what youre doing.. Do not just do things just for the sake of it, do it because you love doing it. hehe I hope it makes sense. :P

  5. awwww..thanks sweetie! :) I wont reach this naman kung walang mga nagsusupport sakin e.

  6. This is all because you're so dedicated and passionate. :)

  7. awwww... that means a lot when people say that, kasi im very glad that you guys can see that. :)

  8. Congrats sis, di ako maiinggit sayo kahit na mas naunahan mo akong magkaron ng higher number of views, kasi you deserved it! More power sis! And you are very much welcome! - Pretty Thrifty

  9. awww.thank you ate! :') natouch naman ako dun.. thank you! I wont reach naman this far kung di dashil sainyong lahat! :)



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