Friday, September 14, 2012

September Collective Haul *Birthday Edition*

AH! I have never been this tired in my entire life! [ EXAGGERATED?! lol ] I have been very busy for the past days and I really am not good in time management. I have been trying to juggle things here and there, but it's really not easy! No matter how much I wanted to blog, I just can't find time. I know I promised to make beauty related posts again but I failed to do it. Sorry. I will just do it as soon as I can. For now, I just want to share with you guys a little birthday haul. It's nothing fancy cause you guys know that I am still saving up for a few things. :) Here it goes! ♥

First off, let me share with you guys some few things I bought a few days ago/last week. I don't remember when exactly. YES, I am that preoccupied. :P 
I bought these the same day that I went to shop for my family. Maybe that was last week. 

* ELF Eye Prime and Line Sealer
Php 249.75
I bought this because I ran out of my ELF Primer already. I think the liquid isn't available anymore. I used to use that. 
 * Shawill 6 Color Cream Eye Shadow
Php 128.75
I saw this and bought it for my Ariel Inspired Look.  I ended up not using it though. I just used it to line my eyes.
* Marionnaud N38 Eyes 
Php 49.75
My old one isn't working that good already for some reasons. So, I needed to buy one. 
* Cream Silk reShape
Php 90.00 -ish [ I am not sure. ] 
I bought this because it is 50% off and I THOUGHT I will get the free pouch bag whenever I buy it. BUT I didn't know that the bag is only free if you buy Php 250 worth of products from Cream Silk. I was pissed but bought it anyways. :P 

These things I bought today from Mall of Asia. They are having a 3 day Big Sale, so I took a little advantage of that. It is actually not a fun experience because I use my money. :P 

Forever 21 
* Knit Top [ Neon Coral & Black Stripes ] 
Original Price : Php 815.00 
SALE Price: Php 469.00
* Knit Top / Cropped Top [ Peach/ Teal ]
Original Price: Php 915.00
SALE Price: Php 469.00

* Choco Brown Shorts
Original Price: Php 799.75
SALE Price: Php 500.00

EGG Exciting gifts + goodies
* Roselle Coin Purse
Original Price: Php 175.00
SALE Price: Php 100.00

* ELF Studio Blush in Candid Coral
Original Price: Php 249.75
SALE Price: Php 224.75
I have been wanting to try this blush for a long time now. And I just did, awhile ago. :P Just for the sake of it. 
* Wet N' Wild Megalast Lipstick in Mega Plum Fairy
Php 299.00
I have heard that this is a good dupe for MAC Rebel, so I wanted to try it. And I think I'm inlove. ♥ 

*2 Kleenex Expression Tissues 
Php 15.75 each
You guys already know why. :D hehe 
*Careline Pimple Concealer in Chestnut
Php 80.00
*Careline Oil Control Face Powder Refill in Tan 
Php 55.00
Bought the Careline products for our collaboration challenge next week. STAY TUNED! 

And I also want to share with you guys a gift I received from one of my good "cyber" friends. Miss Michelle of Micmic's Corner! YEY! ♥
She is super nice! She sent me a gift for my birthday. I was really really touched. Again, Thank You so much Ate! :)  

*Krave Minerale's Cupine Aloepa
* Sample of Krave's Moisture Souffle
* Samples of Etude House Tints and Skin Food Shower Gel

So, that's that. Sorry, if I am blabbing too much. :D 
I just missed talking to you guys. The pillow time, I don't know if I can still do it tonight or tomorrow. But if not, I will answer your questions next week. Keep on asking anything then! :) For the 30 Day Challenge, I will still do it. I will continue it even though its really challenging. And the beauty posts, hopefully soon! ♥ 

Thank you everyone who are very very supportive of me! 
Love you all! MWAH! ♥

Questions or Suggestions. 
Comment down below! I love reading and answering them! ♥

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  1. Where did you get the ELF primer and sealer duo? I've been looking for that! OOS sya sa branches near me. Was looking for a new primer kasi eh. Pero I bought their liquid primer na instead kasi I need one na. But parang mas gusto ko kasi yung stick form eh. Is it good ba? :D

  2. I got it from Watson sa MOA. :) I was looking naman for the liquid. HAHA :P But I dont think available sya when I went there. It is good. naputol lang akin but fault ko naman. hehe i dont want talag stick kasi laging napuputol.. concealer, foundation.. lahat ng stick putol. hehe. The sealer works good too! :)

  3. hahahaha.. POCAHONTAS! :P haba ng name mo. :P

  4. Massive Haul! hahahaha ang dami! Grabe. Di ko kinaya! haha :) Wel lyou deserved it since it's your birth month! :) DAmi na naman irereview sis. Wow sweet nni Chel ha.

  5. hahaha.. di mo kinaya?! :P hehe aww thank you! :) oo nga eh. :P tambak nanaman ng review. :P ang dami ko pang pending eh hehe. yeah.. she's super sweet! :)

  6. Ano ung prime and line sealer sis? para san un? :) parang ung eyelid primer lng ba sya? hindi ko pa natry yan... maganda ba?

  7. yun prime and line sealer 2 products in one sya... yun primer yes, eye lid primer sya.. stick form. And yun selaer naman para pwde mo gawing eye liner kahit anong eye shadow and seal it with that para maging smudge proof. :) its oaky naman!

  8. oooohhhh yan ang kailangan ko... ung sealer!!! kesa bumili ako ng mga colored eyeliner un na lng gagamitin ko... ang galing pwede pala un.... ayyy need ko to.... kailangan matapos na ang project 10 pan ko ng makabili nko ulit ng cosmetics... haha



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